Factory Flour Coated peanut line exported to Nigeria

Coated peanuts are a very famous snack in Nigeria. Knowing that food processors are in great demand for the coated peanut production line, the factory has increased its attention to the Nigerian region, so it has contacted many Nigerian customers. We also successfully handed over the machine. Through experiments in our own factory, we found that the production efficiency of coated peanuts is high and the product quality is good, so their efficiency has been greatly improved, and we have become a long-term partner.

Flour Coated peanut
Flour Coated peanut

How to get in touch with the producer of coated peanuts

We just completed the export order to Nigeria in August 2021. Our little partner saw our website through a Google search, and then got in touch with us, we arranged a dedicated person to communicate with this partner and learned that the customer wants to expand their business in coated peanuts, mainly The old equipment is old and the production efficiency is not high. Knowing the needs of customers, we have formulated a corresponding production plan for it. Through negotiation, the customer customized a complete set of the coated peanut production line

What machines are included in the coated peanut production line

Flour Coated peanut
Flour Coated peanut

To understand the machine composition of coated peanuts, we first need to know the production steps of coated peanuts. How do we produce this snack? If the raw material is hospitality peanuts, the peanut shells need to be removed. If the output is large, a peanut sheller can be used.

Then you will get red peanut kernels, which need to be roasted first because the coated peanuts use cooked peanuts, which have a more mellow taste. After roasting, you need to remove the red peanut skins. If they are carried, they will be very bitter. A peanut peeling machine is used here, and then the raw materials for the coated peanuts are obtained, and then the coated peanut machine can be used for coating. Coated peanuts have many flavors, such as honey flavor and milk flavor. Therefore, it can be formulated according to the product. In the coating process, coating liquid and coating powder are needed. After the coating machine, the outer coat will be spread very evenly.

 After the coating step is completed,Then it is baking. Our coated peanut production line is equipped with a swing oven. The swing oven makes the peanuts roast more evenly during the roasting process, and the peanuts do not need to spend labor and energy to constantly stir fry during the whole roasting process. It saves costs to a large extent. After the baking is completed, it is cooled and seasoned. For seasoning, we will use a seasoning machine for seasoning. And we have a coated peanut production line

Customer feedback

Flour Coated peanut
Flour Coated peanut

After the customer received the machine, he conducted experiments in the factory, and the results were very satisfactory, and he also sent us the renderings and pictures and said that if the business is expanding in the future, he will consider continuing to cooperate with us.   

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