Peanut Butter Machine Sold to Zimbabwe

Today, we are pleased to share with you a success story of a peanut butter machine from Taizy Machine Works that ran smoothly in Zimbabwe and brought economic benefits to this customer.

Peanut Butter Market in High Demand

The Zimbabwean customer is a businessman. In recent years, he found that the demand for peanut butter is very high, especially in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries, the demand is increasing daily. The Zimbabwean customer decided to seize this business opportunity and bought a peanut butter machine for production.

How did the Zimbabwean Customer Find Us?

The Zimbabwean customer found us by browsing the web. When he saw the video of our fully automated peanut butter production line at work, the complete setup of the equipment was exquisite and the production process did not require any human involvement. The Zimbabwean customer contacted us immediately.

Our manager recommended the TZ-500 peanut butter production line to the Zimbabwean customer according to his factory size and budget. At the same time, because the Zimbabwean customer bought the machine at the end of September, we gave him a 5% discount according to the National Day activity, and the Zimbabwean customer was very satisfied.

Thank You Letter from the Customer in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean customer sent us a letter of thanks after using the peanut butter production line for one year. The Zimbabwean customer said: “The machine is running well, just as I expected, the quality of peanut butter is excellent, my peanut butter has been exported to more than ten countries, and many people in charge of supermarkets have become my repeat customers. Thank you for the good quality of the Taizy machine and I look forward to our next cooperation.”