Hazelnut Cracking Processing Line

A Hazelnut cracking processing line is a machine to open a slit for soaked hazelnuts. Since manual opening is inefficient and workers are more prone to injuries, the hazelnut cracker line is especially suitable for factories where the demand for hazelnut production is high.

Hazelnut Soaking Cylinder

A hazelnut soaking cylinder is a machine that can be used to soften hazelnut shells.

The traditional method of soaking hazelnuts is to soak them in warm water at over 40 degrees Celsius, which often reduces the temperature of the water before the hazelnuts are fully soaked, and requires constant refilling or changing of the water, especially in colder times.

Taizy produces a soaking cylinder that is heated, and once the temperature is set, the entire cylinder is heated at a constant temperature. Proper soaking of the hazelnuts before opening is essential to increase efficiency and save costs for subsequent production.


Radiator Unit

This stainless steel cylinder is a radiator for coolant tubes. It works by utilizing the flow of air to carry away the heat from the coolant tubes.

The heat sink consists of multiple fins with gaps between them. The coolant tubes pass through the heatsinks and air flows through the sides of the heatsinks to carry away the heat from the coolant tubes.


Cracking Equipment

The soaked and cooled hazelnuts are fed into the device, and the materials used in the Taizy opener have been subjected to numerous experiments to ensure that the hazelnuts can be opened up without breaking the shells.


Hazelnut Cracking Processing Line with Different Specifications

Taizy Machinery Factory produces three different types of hazelnut opening production lines.

The two sets of ten machines are more suitable for small hazelnut producers, they meet the production demand and are less cost and space-saving.

The three sets of fifteen machines are suitable for large hazelnut openers and are capable of cracking up to 400 kg of hazelnuts per hour.

The four sets of twenty machines are suitable for factories with a high demand for hazelnut openings. Taizys’ machines are favored by many hazelnut processors because of their high production capacity and energy efficiency. Taizy‘s factory also has various types of packaging machines available, welcome to inquire.


Hazelnut Cracking Processing Line Parameters

Water Evaporation80kg/h100kg/h105kg/h
Natural Gas Consumption5cu. m./h7cu. m./h7cu. m./h
Liquefied Gas Consumption3.5kg/h5kg/h5kg/h
Production Capacity300kg/h400kg/h550kg/h
hazelnut cracking production line parameters