What can the flavor coating machine be used for?

The flavor coating machine is common processing equipment in the food processing industry, especially in the field of leisure snack processing, this machine is indispensable. So what are the specific application scenarios of the flavor coating machine?

Various types of flavor coating machine

Although the flavor coating machine is only a single food seasoning processing, according to its different performance characteristics is also divided into many types.

Octagonal seasoning machine
Octagonal Seasoning Machine

Different models and types of seasoning machines are good at seasoning materials are also different, the specific machine type of choice, customers can be determined according to the recommendation of professional and technical personnel and the actual processing situation.

Application of flavor coating machine

The following are a few common situations in which this flavoring machine is required.

Coated peanuts

The production process of coated peanuts usually requires several steps, such as coating, baking, and seasoning. When the seasoning step is carried out, a flavor coating machine is needed. Pour the peanut into the machine after coating, and prepare the necessary seasoning at the same time. The machine will finish the seasoning step efficiently and quickly, saving time and worry.

Different kinds of coated peanuts
Different Kinds Of Coated Peanuts

Cashew flavor

After the cashew nuts undergo a series of processing such as shelling, peeling, grading, and roasting, the original edible cashew nuts will be obtained. At this time, the cashew nuts have the ability to be edible. But if the processor needs to deep-process the cashew nuts, then need to season the cashew nuts.

Season with peas and broad beans

In bean snacks such as peas and broad beans, seasoning is indispensable in almost all processing techniques. These bean snacks need to be fried, developed and processed in the early stage to make the beans themselves tasty and crispy. Finally, put the peas into the flavor coating machine for the final seasoning.

Seasoned peas
Seasoned Peas

Flavoring of fried snacks

There are many types of fried foods, and the vast majority of them need seasoned, such as potato chips. This kind of food will go through the frying step first. After high-temperature frying, the food itself will be more unique flavor, seasoning the finished product after frying will make the food more attractive, and at the same time will ensure the taste of fried food.

Maintenance of flavor coating machine during daily use

After using this kind of seasoning machine, please clean up the residue inside the machine in time. Because part of the oil residue will be corrosive to the machine. And when the residue is left in the inner wall of the machine for a long time, bacteria will breed, which is not guaranteed for the health and safety of food.

So the operator in the daily use of the machine must be timely cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

Detailed view of the interior of the seasoning machine
Detailed View Of The Interior Of The Seasoning Machine