Different types of flavor mixing machine

There are a variety of snack products in the market, most of the food in the processing of the need for flavor mixing processing this step. There are many kinds of flavor mixing machine, and we will briefly introduce several main common types.

Flavor mixing machine’s function

The main function of the flavor mixing machine is to season processed food, seasoning evenly attached to the surface of the material. Usually processed foods include peanuts, nuts, seafood, chips, and so on. Because of its high processing efficiency and fast discharging, it is often used in all kinds of snack processing lines.

Flour-coated peanut
Flour-coated peanut after flavoring

Types of flavoring machine

Flavor mixing machine in appearance is mainly divided into octagonal seasoning machine and roller seasoning machine. In terms of the degree of automation divided into automatic and semi-automatic types. So in general, the common types of seasoning machine are mainly the following:

Octangular flavoring machine
Octangular&Nbsp;Flavoring Machine
Drum seasoning system
Drum Seasoning System
Automatically adds liquids and powders flavoring machine
Automatically Adds Liquids And Powders Flavoring Machine
Seasoning machine with automatic seasoning function
Seasoning Machine With Automatic Seasoning Function
Sugar coating machine
Sugar Coating Machine

Flavor mixing machine’s several big advantages

  • The operation is simple, the surface of the fuselage is smooth, exquisite, and well made at the same time.
  • Mixing machine made of 304 stainless steel, high corrosion resistance.
  • All flavor mixing machine types characterized by simple and compact structure, stable operation, and easy placement.
  • The mixture is uniform, there is no dead corner inside the machine, and the material itself will not be damaged.
  • The running speed of the drum of the seasoning machine can be adjusted, and the amount of seasoning powder can also be controlled.

How to choose the type of mixing machine?

A versatile seasoning machine
A Versatile Seasoning Machine

The above five flavoring machine each have their own advantages and unique performance characteristics, at the same time, different types will be suitable for different sizes of food manufacturers.

Customers can also choose the appropriate flavor mixing machine according to their own spending budget and materials to be processed.

For example, if the customer wants to develop a new food processing production line business, then you can choose the fully automated seasoning machine, which can save a lot of manpower, but also can complete the efficient seasoning effect;

If the customer is a small food manufacturer, then should judge and select based on the scale of the previous processing and the degree of automation of the processing machine before and after.

In short, if you have any demand for a flavor mixing machine, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to recommend and provide you with the actual production needs of the machine model.