Semi-automatic stainless steel coated peanut flavoring machine

Coated peanut flavoring machine is professional flavoring equipment. In fact, in addition to coated peanuts, this equipment can handle many types of materials. At the same time, this kind of semi-automatic stainless steel flavoring machine also has the advantages of uniform seasoning and high working efficiency. It is an indispensable machine in the processing of casual snacks.

Introduction of coated peanut flavoring machine

Coated peanut flavoring machine
Coated Peanut Flavoring Machine

The overall structure of the coated peanut flavoring machine is very simple. The main body of the machine is an octagonal drum. In the process of making coated peanuts, it mainly used for the final step of flavoring. After completing the current processing steps, you only need to pour the peanuts you want to season into the flavoring machine.

In addition, you need to prepare the seasonings to be used in advance. After the machine starts, the seasonings and coated peanuts will mix quickly and evenly.

How to make the coated peanut?

How should coated peanuts be made? In fact, this is a very simple process. First of all, the raw peanuts we need must be peanuts without red skin (the peanuts with red skin will affect the taste of peanuts), and then the nuts should coat first, and the coating machine will coat the peanuts with a thick layer of flour or other different coating layers; after completing the coating, send the peanuts to the swing oven for baking and forming.

After completing the baking, the coated peanuts have completely formed and then can carry out the final step of flavoring. The outer layer of the coated peanuts is evenly covered with condiments under the action of rotation; finally, the finished product can be packaged.

The coated peanut after production
The Coated Peanut After Production

How to use a semi-automatic coated peanut flavoring machine?

  • Connect the machine to the power supply, after turning on the switch, let the machine idling for about one minute. After the standby machine is running normally, stop the coated peanut flavoring machine before putting in peanuts;
  • After the machine has been running for a period of time, the operator can directly observe the flavoring state of the peanuts from the outside of the machine. If the peanuts and condiments have been fully mixed, the machine can be turned off;
  • There is a control rod on one side of the seasoning machine. Push the control rod and the barrel will tilt forward to completely pour the peanuts in the barrel.
A real shot of the peanut flavoring machine
A Real Shot Of The Peanut Flavoring Machine

Precautions when using

Before putting the flavoring machine into use, please pay attention to carefully check whether the main components are loose, whether there are other foreign objects in the cylinder, and clean up in time. In addition, during the operation of the machine, it is also necessary to observe whether there is any abnormal sound, so as not to affect the normal mixing of materials.