Is the red skin of peanuts good for you

Peanuts have high nutritional value, often eat peanuts can not only supplement rich protein but also promote appetite, supplement qi, and blood. So the peanut outside that layer of the red skin can eat it? Is the red skin of peanuts good for you?

The effect of peanut skin

Peanuts have a red coat that’s actually edible, and it’s good for you, with multiple benefits.

Prevention of atherosclerosis

Peanut skin contains a chemical composition that reduces cholesterol. Often edible can prevent cholesterol to be high, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis wait for vascular disease.

Nutritious peanuts
Nutritious Peanuts

Enrich the blood and stop bleeding

The function of peanuts is mainly realized by the red skin of peanuts, which is known as “peanut coat” in Chinese medicine. In the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, people with a deficiency of qi are more likely to bleed. While the peanut skin can just replenish the qi of the spleen and stomach. So it can achieve the effect of enriching blood and stopping bleeding.

It’s protective for women

Women in pregnancy, menstrual period, lactation, and after childbirth are in the stage of blood loss and nutritional loss. And peanut outer skin can help the human body to raise and nourish the blood, so women in these periods should often eat.

Can peanut skin be removed?

Although peanut skin has many benefits, there are still some peanut products that need to remove the skin. Otherwise, it will affect the taste of food.

For example, in porridge made with peanuts, the peanuts in it need to be removed in advance. So as to maintain the optimum flavor of the porridge.

So how do you get rid of the peanut skin? In fact, daily household food, you can handle by hand, but if it is a factory, you need a professional machine to do a lot of processing.

Wet type peanut skin peeling machine
Wet Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine
Dry type peanut skin peeling machine
Dry Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine

Tips for eating peanut skins

Although the outer red skin of peanuts has many beneficial effects, not all people are fit to eat them.

  • The patient that has bruises above all had better not eat. Because the material that stimulative clotting contains in the red skin, can reduce the platelets of the human body, go against the recovery of the patient.
  • Secondly, the elderly should not eat more peanuts. Because the ability of the elderly’s digestive system is gradually reduced, and peanuts contain rich oil, eating too much will cause great pressure on the elderly’s digestive system.