40kg/h Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Shipped To Kenya

Recently, our cashew nut shelling machine was transported to a large farm in Kenya. The Kenyan customer is a plantation operator who grows a variety of fruit and nut trees, including cashew nuts. He was looking for an efficient cashew nut shelling machine to improve production efficiency and ensure stable product quality.

Working cashew nut shelling machine
Working Cashew Nut Shelling Machine

Limitations of manual shelling

For a long time, they have relied on manual shelling of cashew nuts. This process is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also has a high rate of cashew kernel damage, which seriously affects the overall quality and sales value of the product. Kenyan customers urgently need a modern method to replace traditional manual work to improve production efficiency and ensure the consistency of cashew kernels.

After communication, the customer hoped to find a cashew nut shelling machine that could shell the cashew nuts efficiently to ensure the quality and consistency of the cashew kernels. Their main needs include:

  • High efficiency: capable of processing at least 40kg of cashew nuts per hour.
  • High shell breaking rate: the shell breaking rate reaches at least 90%, ensuring high output.
  • High-quality cashew kernels: after shelling, the cashew kernels have consistent quality and a low damage rate.
Processing cashew nut
Processing Cashew Nut

The best cashew nut shelling machine solution

This TZ-2 cashew nut shelling equipment stands out for its excellent performance and high flexibility. It can efficiently process 40kg of cashew nuts per hour, with a shell-breaking rate of up to 95%, which means that almost all cashew nuts can be cut accurately. Waste of raw materials is minimized.

More importantly, the machine uses a precision blade system to treat cashew nuts. Users can adjust the blade gap according to the size and hardness of the cashew nuts, thereby accurately controlling the degree of cracking and ensuring the integrity and beauty of the cashew kernels.

Packaging size:1. 42×0. 85×1. 3m
Packaging Size:1.42×0.85×1.3M

Praise from Kenyan customer

Since being put into operation, this cashew nut shelling machine has significantly improved the production efficiency of Kenyan customer farms and reduced labor costs. At the same time, the damage rate of cashew kernels has been greatly reduced, and product consistency has been significantly improved, winning unanimous praise from the market. He said: This cashew nut shelling machine operates efficiently, produces stable cashew kernels with a low damage rate, and the quality of your machine is trustworthy!

Equipment part
Equipment Part

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