How to crack cashew nuts

Cashews are plants that grow in warm climates. They have an extremely hard shell that protects them from the elements. But how to crack cashew nuts, later on, becomes a problem, and we usually do it in one of two ways.

Crack cashew nuts by hand

In fact, manual cracking is not completely done by hand, but by a manually operated machine to assist the completion of the cracking. The specific steps are as follows:

Treadle and manual type
Treadle And Manual Type
  • First, place the cashew nuts between the front blade and the back blade, step on a foot pedal, and drive the sector to rotate through the forward lever. The sector drives the eccentric wheel connected to it to rotate. The eccentric wheel drives the slider to move back. And the front blade moves backward with the back blade to complete the cutting of cashew nuts.
  • After the cashew nut is cut, step on the other pedal and drive the rotating shaft by rotating the adjusting rod. Then the blade will rotate. At this time, the cashew nutshell will be divided into two parts, so that the shell and nut will be separated.
  • After releasing the foot pedal, the front and rear blades return to their original positions under the action of the rotary reset spring and the forward reset spring.

Crack cashew nuts by machine

In comparison with the method of machine shell in a manual method of the shell, easy steps will be a lot, especially automatic cashew nut sheller. Operators need to pour the cashew nuts into the mouth, the machine will be through the transmission device cut transportation of cashew nuts into the device. Cashew nuts in promoting the cut will be under the influence of the blade in the middle and dropped out.

Automatic cashew nut shelling machine
Automatic Cashew Nut Shelling Machine

Advantages and disadvantages of the two methods of cracking

Both types of crack cashew nuts are the most common. And both have their advantages and disadvantages, whether manual or automated.

Cashew nut
Cashew Nut

First of all, manual cashew nut shelled labor intensity is relatively high, with low production efficiency. So it is not suitable for large-scale factory production, only suitable for small cashew nut growers use.

Mechanical cashew shelling machine uses a special machine for sheller production efficiency is high. It Will not consume a lot of manpower, which is very suitable for cashew food processing manufacturers to use. But the structure of the machine is a little more complex. In addition, compared with the manual sheller machine, the cost of equipment is higher.