The process of peeling raw cashew nuts

How to remove the skin of cashew has a great impact on the quality of cashew, so it is necessary to strictly control each step of cashew peel, in order to ensure the best effect of cashew in the follow-up processing steps and the quality of the final sales. The process of peeling raw cashew nuts requires multiple steps.

Preparation for peeling cashews

The treatment steps in the early stage mainly include grading, cooking, husking and baking.


Peeling cashews is the last step in harvesting the cashews. First, the cashews are dried and graded. After being picked, the cashews need to be dried properly. Natural drying can be used.

Nut grading machine
Grading Machine

Then according to the size of cashew nuts classification and screening, the main purpose is to remove the mixed impurities in cashew nuts, such as gravel particles, garbage, and so on.

As for the previous grading, we can use the cashew grading machine, which can effectively classify the cashew with even size and is more helpful for cashew opening.


The main purpose of stewing is to steam cashew nuts, so that the cashew shell deacidification, at the same time helps to soften the cashew shell, promote the separation of the shell and cashew nuts, more conducive to the opening of the shell behind.

Steaming box
Steaming Box

The specific operation procedure is to divide large cashew nuts and small cashew nuts into different batches for cooking according to the previous classification of cashew nuts. The cooking time of large cashew nuts is longer than that of small cashew nuts. Finally, the steamed cashew nuts can be cooled down.


Cashew nut sheller in addition to the most primitive manual sheller, you can also use a special machine to open the shell.

Cashew nut shelling machine
Cashew Nut Sheller

The automatic cashew nutshell opener can accurately and efficiently cut the cashew nutshell at one time. Compared with the traditional cashew shell opener, the efficiency has also been greatly improved.


When the cashews are shelled, they need to be roasted. Cashews that have been baked through the oven are more likely peeling.

Electromagnetic roaster

Cashew peeling

After the above four steps, the pretreatment before peeling of cashews has been completed, and the final peeling can be carried out.

Cashew nut peeling machine
Cashew Nut Peeling Machine

A cashew peeling machine is usually used with an air compressor. The peeling device inside the machine will not directly damage the surface of cashew nuts, but to achieve the purpose of peeling cashew nuts through friction.

Follow-up treatment process of peeling raw cashew nuts

After peeling, the cashews can get full and even kernels. At this time, the cashews can be directly sold in the market.

In addition, processing plants can be further seasoning or other processing, so that the original cashews become more colorful taste. At the same time, it will be more popular with consumers.