Cashew nut size sorting machine for sale

Cashews vary in size and shape due to the growth environment and various other external factors. After opening the cashew shell, the fullness, size, and shape of cashew nuts are not uniform. But at the same time, the sales standard of cashew nuts is very high. Therefore, before opening the cashew shell, it is necessary to grade the nuts first. So as to facilitate the subsequent processing steps to proceed smoothly. The cashew nut size sorting machine is specially designed to accomplish this step.

Cashew grading standard

The kernel grading of cashew nuts generally needs to be carried out according to international standards. The grading standards are based on the size of the whole kernel, broken kernel, large and small kernel, color, and surface spots. There are a total of 25 grades in 6 categories.

High quality cashew nuts
High Quality Cashew Nuts

Method of grading cashew nuts

There are two kinds of grading methods for cashew nuts: manual grading method and machine grading method.

Manual classification method

Artificial classification first requires the whole nuts to be screened from the unshelled ones. And then put the whole nuts into the collection buckets of different grades according to the standards of size, damage degree, and color appearance according to the senses.

Manual classification method
Manual Classification Method

The advantage of artificial classification is that the overall classification effect of cashew nut is more accurate. But the work steps of cashew nut classification are very complicating, and the requirements for operators are very high. Operators must master the standards of each level of cashew nut skilled.

Machine classification method

Now a more common kind of machine classification method is the use of a cashew nut size sorting machine. This sorting machine can be more accurate classification according to the size of cashew nuts.

Nut grading machine
Cashew Nut Sorting Machine

However, the color and damage of nuts still need to be manually selected later, but this greatly reduces the difficulty of grading cashew nuts.

Advantages of the machine

  1. The sorting machine is widely used in the field, it can grade most cashew.
  2. According to the actual production needs, the machine can assemble with a cover, more beautiful on the whole, but also reduce the dust contact with the outside.
  3. We can customize the level of cashew nut size sorting machine according to customer needs. Including the size of the screen hole, the length of each level of the screen, and so on.
Nut grading machine
The Cashew Nut Size Sorting Machine