Cashew nut production line | cashew nut processing machine

From the harvest to the sale of cashews, a series of processing processes are required. These include grading, cooking, drying, shelling, sieving, drying, peeling, kernel grading, baking, and final packaging. This cashew nut production line is a relatively complete production line, suitable for all cashew nut processors.

Introduction of cashew nut production line

Cashew nut production line
Cashew Nut Production Line

This cashew production line is a complete technological process, is the preliminary comprehensive processing of cashew after picking. The whole production line adopts semi-automatic operation, compared with the traditional manual processing, the efficiency will be higher, at the same time cashew damage rate will be greatly reduced.

Process flow of cashew nut production line

The processing technology of the cashew nut production line requires the following machines:

Cashew nut grading machine

Nut grading machine
Nut Grading Machine

First of all, the initial grading of cashews is to facilitate the subsequent cashews to open the shell. Because the size of cashews varies, the shelling machine uses the distance between the blades to open the shell. So before opening the shell need to ensure that the size of the cashews is uniform. The size of cashew nuts is generally divided into 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24mm. The grading machine realizes the grading processing of cashew nuts through screens with different pore diameters. Customers can choose the number of grades that should divide according to actual requirements.

Cooking machine

Steaming box
Steaming Box

The graded cashews are put into the cooking box. According to the size of cashews, the cooking time is different. The cooking time of cashews with smaller volumes is longer, and the cooking time of cashews with smaller volumes is vice versa. The main purpose of cooking is to use the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction. So as to separate the shell from the cashew peel and reduce the damage to the cashew nut when the shell opened.
Note: After cooking the cashews, the cashews should be placed in a ventilated place for 2-3 days.

Cashew nut sheller

Cashew nut sheller
Cashew Nut Sheller

The shelling machine is divided into the semi-automatic type and automatic type. With a high rate of shellers, the characteristics of small damage to nuts, which is the automatic type of cashew sheller are the first choice of most customers. The operation principle of these shellers is also very simple. After the cashews are sent into the feed mouth, the roller will initially clean the cashews and remove the impurities such as stones mixed into them. Then the cashew nuts will be evenly placed in the shell opening mold and transported to the shell opening device. After the action of the pushing device, the cashew nuts will be cut by the blade, and the cashew nuts will be opened.

Cashew nutshell and kernel separator

Cashew shell and kernel separator

After opening the cashew shell has not been completely separated from the nuts, so it is necessary to use the shell separator to separate the shell and nuts completely.

Drying machine

Mesh belt dryer

The drying machine removes water from the cashews, which are more likely to detach from the nuts.

Cashew nut peeling machine

cashew nut peeling machine
Cashew nut peeling machine

A cashew peeling machine is used to remove the skin of cashew nuts. The machine adopts the pneumatic principle to make the skin of cashew nuts fall off, which can also achieve low damage and zero pollution to the nuts.

Cashew kernel grading machine

Sieving machine

If the customer has higher requirements for the quality of cashew nuts, they can be graded again. There are two kinds of machines: multi-roll classifier and roller classifier. Customers can choose and match them by themselves.

Nut roasting machine

Nut roasting machine

Finally, you need to use a roaster to bake the cashews, because the roasted cashews taste better and are easier to store.

This kind of cashew nut roasting machine can customize the number of baking ovens according to customers’ requirements. At the same time, there are a variety of heating methods, which support electric heating and gas heating.

Packing machine

In general, the packaging of cashew nuts will use a vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging can effectively extend the preservation period of cashew nuts, which is an essential machine in the cashew processing production line.

Characteristics of cashew nut processing machine

  • Every single machine has a high degree of automation. Which can also be used to combine the elevator and conveyor belt into a complete production line;
  • The contact part between the machine and the material of the cashew nut production line is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material, which ensures food safety and hygiene;
  • Stable operation, large batch processing cashew nuts, save manpower, and material resources at the same time.

Cashews are processed by the cashew nut production line

Cashew nut kernel
Cashew Nuts
The cashews without skin
Cashew Nuts Are Popular With Customers

Video of cashew nut production line

cashew nut production line