Automatic cashew nut kernel peeler manufacturer

The automatic cashew nut peeling machine is a special machine for cashew nut peeling. This machine is also often used in various processing production lines of cashew nut products. In addition, the cashew nut kernel peeler also has the advantages of high peeling efficiency and small damage to cashew nuts, which is very suitable for the manufacturers of high-quality cashew nuts.

High-quality automatic cashew nut kernel peeler

A high-quality peeling machine needs to have the following characteristics:

The machine runs smoothly, and the efficiency and completion rate of peeling treatment is higher at the same time.

During the peeling process, the cashew nuts will not be rubbed by the hard material and produce crushed kernels.

After peeling, the cashew nuts were completely smooth, also with a low loss rate and no breakage.

Energy-saving, easy maintenance, and low failure rate.

Cashew nut peeling machine
Cashew Nut Kernel Peeler

Professional cashew nut kernel peeling machine manufacturer

Zhengzhou Taize machinery and Equipment Co., LTD. A company specialized in machinery foreign trade business, the main machine products including nuts processing machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection machinery, and so on.

The company is committed to manufacturing and selling high-quality machinery products, then the quality of domestic machinery exported to more countries in demand.

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The automatic peeling machine of cashew nuts sold by the company has been constantly updated, adjusted, and optimized, and finally formed the current version of the machine. After testing and customer feedback, the automatic peeling machine can achieve a peeling rate of more than 95%.

Automatic peeler sold all over the world

Cashew nuts are widely grown in Vietnam, India, Brazil, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, and other countries, so the demand for cashew peeling machines is high in these countries.
There are three types of peeling machine:

A peeling machine equipped with an air compressor
A Peeling Machine Equipped With An Air Compressor
Material201 stainless steel
Voltage2.2kw(or 4HP)/220v
Air flow0.25m³/min
Match the air compressor
Material201/304 stainless steel
Voltage7.5kw(or 10HP)/380v
Air flow1.05m³/min
Match the air compressor
Material304 stainless steel
Air flow8m³/min
Match the air compressor