Cashew Processing Line Sold To Uganda

Recently, our cashew processing line was transported to Uganda, and we successfully reached a cooperation with a local cashew farming company. The Ugandan customer was very satisfied with the quality of our machines and services.

Popular cashew
Popular Cashew

Customer profile and needs

A Ugandan agricultural company based in Kampala, focusing on growing and processing cashew nuts. They had been processing cashews using traditional manual methods, but as their business expanded, they needed to improve their production efficiency and sought a more efficient and modern processing solution. To meet this demand, they decided to introduce a fully automated cashew processing line. The customer hopes that this cashew processing line can process raw cashew nuts into peeled and dried cashew kernels.

Solutions for cashew processing lines

After the agreement, we provided an efficient cashew nut processing production line. The 1000kg cashew processing machine mainly includes a raw cashew grading machine, cashew shucking machine, shell kernel separator, kernel drying machine, kernel peeling machine, kernel grading machine, air compressor (providing necessary air pressure support to ensure the stable operation of the equipment), and so on, and other delivery devices.

The advantage of this cashew production line is that it can grade raw cashews according to size to ensure rapid separation of cashew shells. The skin removal rate of cashew kernels reaches 98%, and the cashew kernels are dried evenly, which facilitates subsequent processing and storage.

Packed cashew machines
Packed Cashew Machines

Positive feedback from Ugandan customers

We dispatch a professional team of engineers to the local area to install the machine and conduct relevant training to ensure that the machine can be put into production smoothly. Customers are very satisfied with the performance and efficiency of the cashew processing line. The high degree of automation of the processing line significantly improves production efficiency and ensures the stability of product quality.