Groundnut Shelling Machine Sold to the Philippines

Last week a customer in the Philippines sent a letter of thanks for the groundnut shelling machine that brought him a good profit. Here, let’s learn more about the details of this cooperation.

Why Does Filipino Customer Want a Groundnut Shelling Machine?

The Filipino customer is a farmer and every year, they grow tons of peanuts there. They shell and bag the harvested peanuts and sell them. The Filipino customer learned that the peanut shelling machine shells peanuts very efficiently while brushing up on the video, and he anticipates that there will be a demand for it from local farmers. He decided to buy a peanut sheller to solve the shelling problem for the farmers in his neighborhood and at the same time make a profit.

What Problems Have Been Solved for the Filipino Customer?

Based on the estimation of the peanut shelling needs of the local farmers, our manager recommended a peanut sheller with an hourly output of 350kg to this Filipino customer. To help the Filipino customer start production faster, we arranged for our technician to operate the machine and recorded a video to send to the Filipino customer.

After receiving the goods, the Filipino customer immediately started to operate the machine and put it into production the next day. The Filipino customer praised that the control cabinet was well designed and they learned it very quickly.

Feedback from the Filipino Customer

A thank you note was sent by a customer in the Philippines. He said in the letter, “After my neighbors knew I had a peanut shelling machine, they all came to me to shell peanuts. Later, people from several nearby villages came to me to process peanuts, and now, every weekend, the queue of people can line up especially far from my small factory.

Thank you very much for the good products and excellent service of Taizy Machinery Factory, I am going to choose another peanut roasting machine from you next spring, and look forward to our subsequent cooperation.”

Large inventory of peanut shellers
Large Inventory Of Peanut Shellers