Electromagnetic peanut roasting machine | sesame roasting equipment

The electromagnetic peanut roasting machine is a new type of multi-function nut roasting machine, which also has the advantages of low energy consumption and environmental protection. At the same time, it can roast cashew nuts, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and other nuts with high baking efficiency. It also has a unique temperature control system, which is widely used in the nut production line.

Nut roaster application
Nut Roaster Application

Applied range of the electromagnetic roasting machine

Certainly, an electromagnetic roasting machine is widely used in the roasting of most nuts, including cashews, chestnuts, melon seeds, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, Inca nuts, etc. In addition, the electromagnetic frying machine can also be used in the oil pressing industry, tea making industry, seasoning industry, chemical industry, puffed food processing, and so on.

Electromagnetic peanut roasting machine
Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

Heating principle of electromagnetic peanut roaster

The electromagnetic heating roasting machine is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into thermal energy. Inside the electromagnetic equipment control core, the rectifier circuit converts the 50HZ/60HZ alternating current into direct current voltage, and then the direct current voltage is converted into frequency through the control circuit. It is a high-frequency voltage of 20-40KHZ, and the high-speed changing current through the coil will generate a high-speed changing magnetic field. When the magnetic field lines pass through the metal, countless small eddy currents will be generated in the metal body, so that the heated object such as the barrel itself will be high-speed. generate heat, which has the effect of heating.

Sesame roasting equipment features

  1. Environmental protection machine, using an electromagnetic heating principle, heating fast, and at the same time carbon emissions to the environment for zero.
  2. With low energy consumption and high heat energy utilization efficiency, this machine uses a composite pot body to protect heat from spreading to the outside of the machine, the heat energy utilization efficiency can reach above 95%, compared with the traditional electric heating, baking, and frying equipment can save more than 45% power.
  3. On the other hand, the machine is made of stainless steel, which ensures the safety and hygienic quality of the roasted products and conforms to GMP standards.
  4. In addition, humanized design, intelligent control, and more convenient parameter setting.
  5. The controllability is greatly improved, with an intelligent temperature control system, that is to say, the temperature control accuracy can be stabilized at ±2% in the process of roasting and frying, to ensure the same color and quality of each pot of materials.
  6. With fault self-diagnosis function, convenient for operators to check in time.
  7. The highest baking temperature can reach 400℃, so which can meet the roasting temperature of most materials.
  8. Of course, there are production lines and a single machine for customers to choose
Electromagnetic roasting production line
Electromagnetic Roasting Production Line

The difference between a sesame roaster and a peanut roaster

Sesame roaster and a peanut roaster
Sesame Roaster And A Peanut Roaster

The basic structure of sesame roasting and peanut roasting is the same. However, sesame seeds are smaller than peanuts. The inner liner of the roasting machine must be solid when roasting sesame seeds, but can be used when roasting peanuts. With mesh, the temperature of the sesame roaster can be faster when baking, but due to the small size of the sesame, the mesh will leak out. In addition, the sesame roaster has a smaller gap at the discharge port.

Model parameters of electromagnetic roasting machine

ModelProductivityPower rangePowerVoltageBoundary dimension(mm)Pot body size(mm)

Electromagnetic peanut roasting machine details

Double-layer insulation cotton, made of high-quality glass fiber and resin glue, so has efficient insulation capacity. The electromagnetic heating coil is located below the drum, which is safer and heats faster than a traditional electric heating roaster. Of course, there are differences between the two roasters.

video of electromagnetic peanut roasting machine

peanut roasting machine

The video shows the roasting of peanuts. It can be seen that the roasting efficiency is very high, and the color is uniform after roasting. It can roast peanuts with red skin and shell.