Cocoa powder processing machine production line

The cocoa powder production line is a complete production line that can process cocoa beans into cocoa powder. Cocoa powder from the bean to the final powder consists of six steps. The whole processing process highly automates, making it the best choice for many small and medium-sized cocoa manufacturers.

Roasting machine

Roasting machine
Roasting Machine

The first step in the cocoa powder production line involves baking the cocoa beans. The main purpose of this process is when raw cocoa beans are roasted. The thin seed coat on the surface of the beans becomes crispy, making it easier to separate from the nuts. The cocoa roaster is professional baking equipment that can be equipped with a different number of ovens depending on the cocoa bean output of the customer.

Cocoa peeling machine

Peeling machine
Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

After the cocoa beans have been roasted, they can be peeled.

The cocoa bean peeling machine uses the pneumatic principle. The process of peeling cocoa beans will not be subject to hard friction or cutting blade. To ensure the integrity of the kernel rate of cocoa beans. The machine is also made of high-quality stainless steel. Which is resistant to corrosion and does not contaminate the cocoa beans.

Cocoa butter making machine

coa butter making machine
Cocoa butter making machine
Cocoa Butter Making Machine

After peeling, the beans are almost free of impurities, and the main function of the cocoa butter-making machine in the cocoa powder production line is to grind the beans into cocoa butter. The cocoa butter-making machine uses a wet grinding technique to grind roasted cocoa beans directly into a paste.In addition, the cocoa butter-making machine is made of martensitic stainless steel. And the hardness of martensitic stainless steel after quenching is higher and more wear-resisting than ordinary stainless steel.

Oil press

Oil press
Oil Press Of The Cocoa Powder Production Line

After making the cocoa butter, it contains a certain concentration of cocoa oil. Which needs to pressed further by an oil press to extract the cocoa oil. The vertical hydraulic oil press is the special equipment for pressing various oil-bearing materials. It has the characteristics of high pressing efficiency and high oil yield. The cocoa is pressed to form a pancake, and the cocoa oil can be used to make other foods.

Cocoa powder grinding machine

Cocoa powder grinding machine
Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine

After the pressed cocoa cake has been broken to dry thoroughly, then the powder is ready to grind. After being fully ground by the cocoa powder grinding machine. The cocoa powder will discharge from the crushing chamber. And the ground cocoa powder is very fine and uniform, making it easier to sell later.

Cocoa powder packing machine

Packing machine
Packing Machine Of The Cocoa Powder

After all this, there is left only one final step: packaging. Need to use is a professional powder packaging machine. At the same time, this kind of intelligent packaging machine set weighing and packaging in one, the operator only needs to be set in advance.