Peanut/Cocoa butter making machine

Peanut/Cocoa butter making machine is a professional grinding machine, which can efficiently grind peanut, cocoa, cashew nuts, pecan, hazelnut, and other nut foods, and finally get peanut butter, cocoa butter, and so on. At the same time, this machine can also be used in medicine, the chemical industry, cosmetics, light industrial plastics, and other industries.

Characteristics of the peanut/cocoa butter making machine

Peanut butter making machine
Peanut Butter Making Machine
  • Firstly, the ground peanut butter or cocoa butter is uniform in texture and can be 95% or more uniform.
  • The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and no pollution to materials.
  • Meanwhile, the characteristics of traditional butter making machines are retained: small size, lightweight, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
  • In addition, this kind of peanut/cocoa butter making machine also has the characteristics of a wide application range and different types of motors can be replaced according to different processing materials.
  • Customized services can be provided, in addition, the machine speed can be adjusted, customers can be based on the actual processing material needs to customize the appropriate speed.

How the grinding machine works

Through the different shape of stator and rotor rotating at high-speed relative motion. Then processed materials in its own gravity, gas pressure, and under the action of centrifugal force. After that through powerful shear force, friction force, and impact force, the action of high-frequency vibration and much other complex force. The material being effectively scattered, broken, emulsifying, mixing, finally get the finished product.

Picture of factory inventory
Picture Of Factory Inventory

Model parameters

ModelFineness(um)Output(r/min)No-load speed(cm)Size(cm)Weight(kg)
Parameters of grinding machine

Precautions for installation and use

  1. The butter making machine shall be mounted horizontally on flat concrete and fixed with foot screws, although it may not be fixed according to actual working conditions.
  2. Before use, use the special lever to rotate the rotor to check whether it is in contact with the stator and whether it is stuck. If the above situation occurs, then the peanut/cocoa butter making machine cannot be started.
  3. When starting the motor, the switch should be turned on first to check whether there is noise or vibration. But if there is any abnormal phenomenon, the machine should be shut down immediately. After checked the fault, the test operation should be carried out.
  4. When the machine is finished cleaning the residual material in the stator and rotor, it should be carried out in the rotating state.

Video of peanut butter making machine

Peanut/Cocoa butter making machine