How to choose the grinder to make peanut butter?

There are many types of grinders on the market, they have different shapes and structures, but the ultimate purpose is to grind the material. Therefore, in many kinds of grinding machines, how to choose the right grinder for peanut butter?

Making peanut butter

Peanut butter isn’t that complicated to make.

However, it is important to note that the peanuts are first roasted and peeled before they are ground. This makes the ground peanut butter taste better.

Peanut roasting machine
Peanuit Roasting Machine

Type of grinder

There are several types of machinery used to grind peanuts. The following are the most common types.

Colloid grinder

The colloidal grinder is professional grinding equipment made of all stainless steel, which is also the type most customers choose.


And the colloid grinder is a kind of centrifugal equipment, which has the characteristics of simple structure and easy maintenance.

Matters need attention

This grinding machine is only suitable for wet processing and cannot grind dry solids.

Electric stone mill

Now the stone mill is different from the traditional stone mill. Manual grinding is no longer needed, but the operation is driven by the motor, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved compared with the traditional type before.

Stone mill
Stone Mill

The biggest characteristic of the electric stone mill is grinding fine. Dry and wet materials can be treated. Especially suitable for customers with high requirements on grinding quality.

In addition to the electric motor, if the customer needs a manual, diesel, or gasoline engine type, we can also provide customized services.

Small size grinding machine

The small size of the grinder is the smallest of all the types and the simplest of the structures.

Small size grinding machine
Small Size Grinding Machine

Of course, this kind of small grinder will be less efficient than other kinds and is ideal for small processing manufacturers.

Selection of grinding machine

Each type of grinder has its own performance advantages. The customer still needs to configure according to the actual economic budget and material type.

If you need any technical help or need to solve the equipment problem, we can also provide you with the most suitable solution.