Dry type peanut skin peeling machine

Dry type peanut skin peeling machine is specially used to remove the red outer skin of peanut kernels. The peanut tastes more delicious after removing the seed skin, which is widely loved by consumers. The peeling machine makes the shape of the peeling peanut complete and the peeling efficiency is high through a special process.

Purpose and performance

The peanut skin peeling machine is a professional equipment for peeling peanuts, widely used in peanut curing, eight precious congee, canned peanuts, fried peanuts and some other production lines, while peeling can also carry out the separation of kernels.

Dry type peanut skin peeling machine
Dry Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine

Unlike the wet type peanut skin peeling machine, the dry process does not involve soaking the peanuts. Instead, the dried peanuts are roasted first, because the roasted peanuts are easier to separate from the outer shell.

Peanuts enter the work area through the hopper, the red skin is removed by a high-speed rotating roller, and then sucked out by a fan and discharged to the outside of the machine, while peanut kernels are discharged through the front feed mouth.

Peanut skin outlet
Peanut Skin Outlet

The characteristics of dry type peanut skin peeling machine

  • A wide range of applications, not limited to material processing, in addition to peanuts, can also be mung beans, broad beans, soybeans, etc.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, the parts contacting materials are stainless steel, the frame is carbon steel.
  • At the same time of peeling, it is convenient and fast to separate peanut kernels directly.
  • Adopting the latest peeling principle, it has the characteristics of high peeling rate, high whole kernel rate, and low energy consumption.
Ready for delivery to customers
Ready For Delivery To Customers

Parameter of the peeler

ModelOutputMotor powerFan powerVoltageHzThreshing performanceSize
Parameter of the peeling machine


Do I need any auxiliary equipment?

Don’t need it. However, it is recommended to use a peanut baking machine to bake peanuts before peeling, which can greatly improve the peeling rate of peanuts.

What can affect the peeling effect of peanuts?

The degree of drying and water content of peanuts may affect the peeling effect to some extent.

Does it support customization?

Yes, we have a professional manufacturing factory, we can customize the peeling machine according to the actual needs of customers.