Types of peanut skin peeler

Peanut skin peeler is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used to remove the outer red skin of peanut kernels. It widely used in the manufacturing industry of various peanut foods and has made great contributions to the agricultural development of peanuts. In the following, we will have a simple understanding of the types of peanut peelers.

Where is the peanut skin peeler often used

After the peanut peeled off the shell, there is a layer of red skin around the surface of the peanut kernel. This skin can also be eaten, but it is usually removed when the peanut is made into other peanut products. Common examples are coating peanuts, peanut butter, etc. When making such foods, the red coat of the peanut can affect the taste of the final product. So it needs to removed in advance.

Fried flour-coated peanut
To Wrap Peanuts, You First Need To Peel Them

Therefore, the peanut peeling machine generally used in the pre-treatment stage of peanut food. More used in the production line of peanut food. Peanut growers could also use the machine to peel and sell their peanuts, which would give them a higher value.

The types of peanut skin peeler

At present, the peanut peeling machine on the market mainly divided into two kinds: dry peeling and wet peeling.

Peel peanuts by dry method

The dry peeling method adopts the working principle of differential rolling friction transmission and peels peanuts when the moisture is less than 5% after roasting.

Dry type peanut skin peeling machine
Dry Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine

In addition, the peeling machine with dust suction device and vibrating screen. Dust suction device can suck off the peanut red coat skin, vibrating screen can effectively remove the peanut embryo. The final ventilation system will suck the peanut skin, the whole peanut kernel, half, and the broken kernel separation, so as to separate into the ideal peanut half. The main application scope is peanut butter, peanut milk, pastry food, and milk peanut products such as early peeling.

It should be noted that the peanuts should not be burnt when roasted. So as not to affect the quality of the peanuts.

Peel peanuts by wet method

The peeling machine is reasonable in design and compact in structure. It adopts the principle of imitating manual peeling and special peeling original. It has the characteristics of high peeling rate, high kernel rate, no pollution, and low energy consumption.

Wet type peanut skin peeling machine
Wet Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine

Due to its unique slag removal device, the peeled peanuts will automatically separate from other small particles and be discharged. To avoid the phenomenon of frying oil in the process of frying.
Therefore, this peanut skin peeler widely used in the early peeling processing of fried peanuts, peanut protein milk powder, rice porridge, soy sauce peanuts, and canned products.

Characteristics of Peanut Peeling Machine

  • High peeling rate, no damage to peanut kernel;
  • The machine adopts motor drive operation, low energy consumption;
  • The machine performance is stable, easy to repair;
  • The devices contacting with peanuts are made of food-grade materials. To ensure the hygiene and safety of the materials.
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