Peanut coating machine | peanut flour coating machine

A peanut coating machine can also be called a sugar coating machine, widely used in the field of snack food processing. According to the principle of eccentricity, the peanut was rolled inside the pot to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. In addition, depending on the coating material and taste, the final peanut products are also various.

The structure and operation principle of the peanut coating machine

The machine is composed of main parts such as the fuselage, worm box, pot body, heating device, etc. It is driven by an electric motor through a triangular belt to drive the worm wheel and worm and drive the sugar-coated pot to rotate. Under the action of centrifugal force, peanuts are rolled up and down inside the pot to rub and achieve the effect of mixing, shaping, and polishing.

Peanut coating machine
Peanut Coating Machine

The flour coating machine mainly ensures the material forms a logistics curve in the pot with stable linear speed, so as to meet the technological requirements of uniform thickness, uniform shape, and bright color of the coating layer.

Application scope of peanut flour coating machine

In addition to peanuts, this machine can also process granular foods such as almonds, cashews, and soybeans. These foods are popular in many countries.

The peanuts behind the wrap
The Peanuts Behind The Wrap

In addition to food preparation, it can also use for rolling, mixing, and polishing spherical granular materials in the chemical industry.

Features of peanut coating machine

  • The automatic peanut coat machine tilts at an angle of 30 degrees to place an electric oven or another heating device under a coated pot.
  • The machine is also equipped with an electric blower. The air tube in the pot can blow hot or cold air at different stages of processing, and the heating temperature can also be adjusted.
  • Can be used to wrap food in various shapes, such as balls, squares, etc.
  • At the same time, the machine also has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise, easy operation, and high output.

Peanut flour coating machine model parameters

Pot body diameter900mm
Pot body rotation speed28r/min
Motor powder1.5kw
Detailed parameters