Easy-to-use wrapped peanuts making machine

What kind of wrapped peanuts making machine is best to use? Usually, we will judge from multiple aspects, such as work efficiency, degree of automation, quality of finished products, etc. After evaluating multiple aspects, we can choose the best plan to complete the processing of coated peanuts.

Introduction to the types of wrapped peanuts

Coated peanuts are divided into the polished type and powdered type according to the different types of outer coatings. According to their different tastes, they are divided into sweet, salty, and spicy. Sometimes according to the different tastes of consumers in different countries, it will be divided into more categories.

Different kinds of coated peanuts
Different Kinds Of Coated Peanuts

Commonly coated peanuts mainly include bamboo charcoal peanuts, spicy crispy peanuts, candy-coated peanuts, original peanuts, and so on.

How to make wrapped peanuts?

Compared with the production of other casual snacks, the process of making wrapped clothes peanuts is not complicating and mainly divided into three steps.

Peanut after remove the red skin
Peanut After Remove The Red Skin
  1. Prepare the peanuts after remove the red skin, pour the peanuts into the wrapped clothes peanuts making machine, and at the same time pour the materials used for wrapping into the sprayer.
  2. Pour the coated peanuts from the pan of the coating machine obliquely. After collection, pour the peanuts into the oven, and the oven will further roast the peanuts.
  3. Take the peanuts out of the oven for seasoning. At this time, the machine that needs to use is a seasoning machine. Only the final seasoning treatment required to make a pot of delicious coated peanuts.

Easy to use wrapped peanuts making machine

Wrapped clothes peanuts making machine
Wrapped Clothes Peanuts Making Machine

The machines used above include a wrapping machine, a peanut oven, and a seasoning machine. These three types of machines are the main equipment for making wrapped clothes peanuts. This semi-automatic machine will save a lot of manpower while also achieving higher Work efficiency. Generally speaking, the production of small-volume coated peanuts can operate by only one person, which saves time and effort.

How does the machine wrap peanuts?

Inside view of wrapping machine
Inside View Of Wrapping Machine

Among the three types of machines, the wrapping machine is the most important step in the production of wrapped peanuts and is the basis for completing the entire production process. The wrapped peanuts making machine mainly composed of a circular drum. This drum mainly uses rotating force to coat peanuts.

When the peanut kernels and the coating material are in the drum at the same time, the peanut kernels are evenly distributed through the rotation of the pot. Wrapped in a coat, the coat will become thicker and thicker after continuous rotation. The operator can check the thickness of the coat in real-time. After meeting the requirements, the machine can be stopped.