Automatic peanut flour coating machine in Nigeria

Recently, a customer from Nigeria ordered an automatic peanut flour coating machine and some other peanut processing equipment. The customer is specialized in making various peanut snacks. After communication and friendly exchanges, the order was finally complete. In fact, we have also maintained long-term and stable cooperation with many customers in Nigeria.

Peanut farming

In recent years, the world peanut industry has very rapid development. Peanut planting area continues to expand, variety improvement. Sowing management technology has been steadily improving. And the peanut per unit area yield and total output also continue to grow.

At present, China, India, and Nigeria are the world’s three major peanut producers and remain the leaders in both acreage and production.

Nigeria, the world’s third-largest peanut producer after China and India, also enjoys an extremely important position in the peanut industry.

The Popular Peanut

Peanuts are a plant rich in protein and high in nutrients. With the dietary trend of peanut and other nuts in many countries such as the United States and Europe, the consumption of peanut and its manufactured products is also increasing year by year.

Therefore, the demand for peanuts will continue to increase for a long time to come, and production and supply must continue to increase.

The peanut flour coating machine is in Nigeria

There are many kinds of snack food made from peanuts. Including deep-fried peanuts, original peanuts, spicy peanuts, etc. Among them, peanut coated in peanut is a popular type in Nigeria. It is actually very simple to make this kind of peanut, just need a peanut coating machine.

Peanut flour coating machine
The Peanut Flour Coating Machine

The peanut flour coating machine fully automated and requires only the seasoning of the surface of the peanut to coated in advance.

It is important to note, however, that peanuts are generally roasted before being coated so that when they are finished they will taste their best.

Provide the best service

We uphold all for the sake of the customer’s business philosophy, only to China’s high-quality peanut processing machines into the broader market.

Photo with our customers
Photo With Our Customers

Before the sale, we will provide the most detailed information for customers and make suggestions for the most suitable machines for customers.
After-sales, we will also pay regular attention to the customer’s machine usage. If there is any problem in operation or installation, we will provide help for the first time.