How to use the flour-coated peanut machine?

Coated peanuts are no stranger to the field of casual snacks. And they are loved by many people because of their unique taste and taste. The manufacturing process of coated peanuts is not complicating. The most important step is the flour-coated peanut machine, and how does the coating machine coat peanuts?

What is a coated peanut machine?

The flour-coated peanut machine widely used in the food processing industry and chemical industry. In addition to peanuts, it can also process most granular materials. It can also use in the pharmaceutical industry to uniformly coat the formed chips.

Different kinds of coated peanuts
Different Kinds Of Coated Peanuts

Generally processed foods include Japanese beans, fish skin peanuts, shrimp-flavored beans, spicy beans, etc. As well as granular nuts such as soybeans, almonds, and cashews.

Composition structure of flour-coated peanut machine

Coated peanut making machine
Coated Peanut Making Machine

The main components of the coated peanut machine include a body, a worm gearbox, a sugar-coated pot, a heating device, and electrical appliances. The motor drives the worm wheel and the worm through the triangle belt to rotate the pot body. Under the action of centrifugal force, the peanuts roll up and down in the pot to achieve the effect of sugar-coating mixing and pelleting.

How to operate the flour-coated peanut machine?

Since the overall structure of the machine not very complicated, the operating steps of the coated peanut machine are also very simple.

Peanuts need to be peeled before wrapping
Peanuts Need To Be Peeled Before Wrapping

Since the peanut kernel itself cannot directly wrap in the outer layer. First put the roasted peanuts into the flour-coated peanut machine, evenly coat a layer of pre-prepared syrup. And then put the coating powder in with a spraying device, peanuts can be wrapped easily. In addition, the above steps can also be repeated. Which will increase the thickness of the outer layer of the coating appropriately. And finally only need to roast the final wrapped peanuts.

The unique taste of coated peanut
The Unique Taste Of Coated Peanut

Coated peanuts can be made into different flavors, with a crispy taste, and can be eaten by men, women, and children. Nowadays, they are more and more popular. The increasing number of consumers is also stimulating the rapid development of the manufacturing industry. It is believed that the manufacturing process of coated peanuts will receive more attention in the near future.

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