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The production line of coated peanuts can realize the whole process from raw peanut to finished peanut wrapping product. The whole coated peanut production line adopts a semi-automatic process with excellent production technology. All parts of the peanut production line are made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure food safety and hygiene.

The introduction of coated peanut

Peanuts are very common in our daily life and are known as the “everlasting fruit”. Because they are not only delicious but also have high nutritional value.

Seasoning coated peanut
Coated Peanut

Coated peanut is one of the many peanut products. And as its name shows, the peanut kernel is coated with flour and condiments in the production process. By changing the flavor of condiments, the peanut flavor can be controlled, which is very suitable for daily leisure snacks.

Wrapped peanut has the characteristics of a sweet and delicious, crisp taste. Initially wrapped clothes peanut only has a simple plain, spicy, sweet taste, the basis of these simple but with the constant innovation of wrapped clothes peanut technology. More and more new taste has also been developed. Such as cocoa peanuts, purple potato honey peanuts, and even seafood flavor peanuts, etc. The emergence of numerous flavors will give consumers more choices of space, consumers can choose according to his be fond.

Different kinds of coating peanuts
Different Kinds Of Coating Peanuts

Of course, in addition to the diversity of taste, the wrapped peanut is also gradually improved in appearance and even color. Its main production methods include dough wrapping, pulp wrapping, spraying, crushing, and other ways. The process will undoubtedly be more visually appealing, which is why the peanut is so popular because it combines the advantages of delicious taste with the advantages of attracting consumers.

Coated peanut production line introduction

Coated peanut production line
Coated Peanut Production Line

The coated peanut production line is a complete production line for peanut wrapping. The peanut needs to go through a number of processes, including baking, peeling, wrapping, re-baking, cooling, and seasoning. Finally, the finished product only needs to be packaged.

The production process of coated peanut

The main processing equipment for peanut coating includes a baking machine, peeling machine, wrapping machine, swinging oven, and flavoring machine.

Video of peanut roasting machine

First of all, the peanut roasting machine roasts peanuts with red skin, mainly aiming to make the peanut taste crisper. Moreover, the outer skin of the roasted peanuts will become crispy. Which is more conducive to the peeling treatment in the next step. The number of stoves in the peanut roaster can adjust according to the actual production capacity of the customer.

Peanut roasting machine
Peanut Roasting Machine

Peanut red skin peeling machine

The peanut peeling machine is to remove the red skin on the surface of peanut kernels. Although the red coat of peanuts is also rich in nutrients, in the production of peanut food, the red skin will have a certain impact on the taste of coated peanuts. Therefore, the peeling machine is essential in the production line of coated peanuts. The peeling rate of the machine is as high as 96%, the damage rate of peanut kernels is less than 6%, and the working efficiency can reach 200-250kg/h.

Dry type peanut skin peeling machine
Peanut Skin Peeling Machine

Coating machine

A coat wrapping machine is a machine for coating the baked peanut surface. During the process of the machine, the peanut will be evenly mixed with flour or other coating materials. And, the whole machine is cylindrical, made of high-quality stainless steel in line with food safety and health standards. Not easy to corroded, durable.

Peanut coating machine
Peanut Coating Machine

Swing oven for making coated peanut

The swing oven adopts a flat rotating stirring method to pour the coated peanuts into the flat baking pan of the swing oven. Through constant shaking of the machine, the peanuts are heated evenly without adhesion and the machine will not cause any damage to the peanut.
In addition, the heating mode of this oven is divided into electric heating and natural gas heating. And the heating mode can customize according to customers’ requirements.

A real shot of a swing oven
Swing Oven

Seasoning machine of the nut coating equipment

The octagon shape of the body enables the peanuts to be fully mixed with seasonings in a short time. After mixing, the peanut can be discharged from the machine just by tilting the body. The machine has the characteristics of a simple structure and easy operation, and different models are available for customers to choose from.

Seasoning machine
Seasoning Machine

Advantages of the coated peanut production line

  • This production line has the characteristics of high production efficiency, simple operation, and easy maintenance.
  • The coated peanut production line has the whole process from raw peanuts to packaging and molding, saving time and effort.
  • All machines are made of materials that meet food safety standards.
  • Depending on the customer’s output, we can provide customized solutions to maximize production benefits.

Video of the coated peanut production line

Coated peanut production