How do you get the seasoning to stick to peanuts?

Peanuts are a kind of food rich in high protein. In our life, there are many foods made from peanuts, such as peanut butter, sliced peanut, peanut butter candy, wrapped peanut, and so on. A lot of peanut foods go through a series of seasonings to get the best flavor and taste. So, do you know how to make the seasoning stick to the surface of peanuts?

Different peanut flavors

Because the peanut itself tastes with a strong oil aroma, tastes slightly sweet, but with its own original flavor, popular love.

Different kinds of coating peanuts
Different Kinds Of Coating Peanuts

In recent years, more and more novel peanut flavors have come into public views, such as chocolate peanut, strange taste peanut, and so on. While the traditional spicy peanut and sweet peanut are still popular in the market.

However, these peanut products all have one thing in common: their unique flavor is derived from a layer of seasoning wrapped around the peanut surface. And the inner peanut kernel retains the original flavor of the peanut.

The production of wrapped peanut

In fact, the production process of all wrapped peanuts is similar. In the early stage of production, the peanut kernel needs to be roasted and peeled. After that, the peanut needs to be wrapped and roasted, and the step of seasoning is at the end.

Seasoning machine
Seasoning Machine

As for the seasoning of wrapped peanuts, what we need here is a special seasoning machine for wrapped peanuts. The machine has an octagon shape. In the process of operation, it can make the materials and condiments fully mixed, and the finished products have a uniform appearance and color.

How exactly does the seasoning machine work

The overall structure of the seasoning machine is very simple, mainly composed of a bracket, drum, drum drive system, dusting system, dusting drive system, etc.

The specific operation steps of the machine are as follows:

  • After the power is switched on, the machine starts to run, starting the roller motor and the dusting device respectively;
  • The peanuts that need seasoning are continuously fed into the seasoning machine from the feeding port by conveyer or manual.
  • Start the forehead motor of the powder dispersing device so that the seasoning can be uniformly sprayed in the roller;
  • After falling into the drum, peanuts will be driven to the top of the drum by the stirring leaf, and then fall from the top to mix with the seasoning.
  • During the operation of the seasoning machine, there should always be seasonings in the dusting box. In case of insufficient seasonings, they should be added in time.
Seasoned coated peanuts
Seasoned Coated Peanuts

Through the above steps, the peanut seasoning process is completed. Therefore, only one flavoring machine is needed to allow the seasoning to adhere to the surface of the peanut easily.