Coated peanut swing roasting oven

The coated peanut swing roasting oven is a special piece of equipment for all kinds of peanut coated roasting. Different from the previous roasting equipment, the swing oven will keep shaking during baking to avoid peanut adhesion and make peanuts evenly heated.

The advantages of coated peanut swing roasting oven

A real shot of a swing oven
A real shot of a swing oven
  • There are three heating modes to choose from: electric heating, coal heating, and gas heating. Customers can choose according to the actual situation.
  • The heating and baking speed of the oven is fast, and the heat preservation performance is high.
  • With a temperature automatic control device, temperature regulation is accurate.
  • In the middle of the vibrating screen, a number of cone-shaped mixing devices are installed to change the shape of the peanut coating to prevent material accumulation.
  • Roasted peanuts are uniform in color and pollution-free.
  • Automatic swing oven, a worker can operate, simple and convenient.
  • The parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  • It can widely use in the industrial manufacturing field of wrapped peanut.

How a swing oven works

The coated peanut swing roasting oven uses a variety of heating methods, such as electric, gas, and coal heating.
Using hot air as a drying medium, heat applied to the heat pipe and then roasted onto the raw material.
During the baking process, the peanut particles rotate with the rotating sieve body. So that the surface of the peanut is evenly heated, so as to achieve the best roasting effect.

Side view of oven
Side view of oven

Operation of the coated peanut swing oven

  1. First, start the heating button on the swing oven to heat, and then pull out the shaker to pour in the coated peanuts and push the shaker back into the oven.
  2. Start the motor button to make the flat screen shake in the furnace.
  3. When the peanuts are ready to bake, pull the clutch handle on the swing spindle to stop the swing of the flat screen and pull it out.
  4. Open the outlet switch to pour the peanuts out and then close the switch.
  5. If you need to continue roasting, pour in new peanuts, push them into the oven, and swing the clutch handle to make them swing to continue roasting.

Display of coated peanut products

fried flour-coated peanut
Fried flour-coated peanut
coated peanuts
coated peanuts
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