What is the industrial coating peanut roasting machine?

The industrial coating peanut roasting machine specially used for the coated peanut roast in the peanut food manufacturing industry. This kind of equipment essential in the production of roasted peanuts and usually used to roast the peanut after the coating treatment.

An introduction to the industrial coating peanut oven

Industrial coating peanut roasting machine makes of natural gas, liquefied gas, or coal as fuel. With hot air as the drying medium, the heat energy will act on the object being baked. And then the material that baked will not be in direct contact with the fire.

Swing oven
Coated Peanut Swing Oven

In the baking process, the roasted object flows into the inner bucket through the guide plate. And then flows into the outer bucket again, thus forming a continuous cycle. Which enables the material to be heated evenly and effectively guarantees the roasting quality.

Widely used industrial coating peanut roasting machine

The coating peanut roasting machine widely used in the production line of coating peanut. The production line of coating peanut suitable for various coated peanuts such as sugar-coated peanut, multi-flavor peanut, purple potato peanut, rock sugar snowball, egg crisp peanut, tiger skin peanut, nori peanut, cocoa peanut, crispy peanut, fragrant peanut, and so on.

Salted peanut coating
Salted Peanut Coating

At the same time, in addition to peanuts, the oven can also roast chestnut, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, and other granular materials.

Peanuts are rich in nutrients themselves, and most people eat them as a daily snack. On the other hand, peanuts coated with a coat on the surface of peanuts on the basis of a peanut kernel. This coat can mix into different tastes, which makes the eating population of peanuts expand.

A real shot of a swing oven
A Real Shot Of A Swing Oven

However, in order to produce more popular peanuts. It is necessary to ensure that the machines used to make the peanuts are of high quality. Only in this way, the peanuts produced will be more crispy and more profitable.
Our swing ovens made of high-quality materials. Which have been constantly updated, adjusted, and optimized to form the present machine.

The roasted peanuts can be uniformly heated by the principle of heat energy. And the roasted peanuts taste unique, clean, and hygienic, which can reach the standard of export.