Do you know about the coated peanut roaster?

Do you know the coated peanut roaster? It is a kind of heating equipment specially used for roasting and forming coated peanuts, and is widely used in the production line of coated peanuts. This kind of roaster is different from general roasting equipment in that it will continuously shake during the heating process.

Why do coated peanuts need to be roasted?

After coating the peanuts. The surface layer of the coated peanuts is not completely formed and fixed. Once it is squeezed by an external force, deformation and adhesion will occur. Which is very unfavorable for the later processing of peanuts. Therefore, it is necessary to roast the peanuts just after coating. Due to the effect of high temperature, the outer coating of the peanuts will be formed quickly. So as to completely adhere to the surface of the peanuts.

Flour-coated peanut
Flour-Coated Peanut

On the other hand, high-temperature roasting will make the peanuts more delicious. And proper roasting can also make the peanuts taste more crispy.

Special roaster for coated peanut

Considering that the coated peanut is different from other roasting materials. It is necessary to ensure that each particle does not stick during the heating process. And the heating and forming operations are completed by continuous shaking.

Special roaster for coated peanut
Special Roaster For Coated Peanut

In addition to processing coated peanuts, the swing oven can also process granular nuts such as pistachios, cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. The specific heating temperature and time must be based on the specific roasting material that makes a decision.

How to operate the coated peanut roaster?

First, pour the coated peanuts from the drum of the coating machine, open the pan sieve of the oven, pour all the coated peanuts into the coated peanut roaster, and then push the pan sieve into the oven.

After turning on the power, adjust the heating temperature and the machine will start to run. After heating the material, you can pull out the flat shaker and pour the shaped peanuts into the collection container. Finally, the peanuts need to be placed in a cool place for proper heat dissipation.

Coated peanuts after roasting

After roasting, the coated peanuts have a richer aroma and a more brown color.

Coated peanuts after roasting
Coated Peanuts After Roasting