Special swing oven for coated peanuts

In the production process of coated peanuts, the coated peanuts need to be baked into shape. The ordinary baking equipment is not suitable for the processing of wrapped peanuts. Therefore, we need specially coated peanuts to the swing oven to complete this process.

The difference between a swing oven and an ordinary oven

Compared with ordinary ovens, swing ovens can heat by gas, coal, electricity, and other heating methods. The machine is made up of a flat shaking sieve, and the screen mesh has a vertebral body to prevent the adhesion of peanuts. After the machine starts, the wrapped peanuts will shake in the oven with the flat shaking sieve. So that the peanuts can be heated evenly.

Swing oven for coated peanuts
Swing Oven For Coated Peanuts

But most ordinary oven using electricity as energy, the internal baking tray, baking net, and other devices. The wrapped in cloth peanuts can’t use normal oven processing, because once the coated clothes after peanuts place on the baking tray. As a result of the peanut outer wrap dress has not yet fully formed, long time heating make peanut appear adhesion phenomenon, greatly influence the effect of finished product coated clothes peanuts.

Roasting of coated peanuts

The unique taste of coated peanut
The Unique Taste Of Coated Peanut

Because the coated peanuts are still in an unfixed shape before roasting, a swing oven requires to complete the roasting. When pouring the peanuts into the oven, once turn on the machine, the horizontal shaker will start shaking. Due to the effect of inertia, the peanuts on the sieve will continue to sway with the flat-shaking sieve. This not only ensures the uniformity of the coating but also avoids the phenomenon of adhesion of the peanuts. After the baking finish, cut off the power and pour out the peanuts directly.

Structure composition of coated peanuts swing oven

The peanut swing oven mainly composed of a heating device, a peanut holding device, and a shaking device driven by a motor. The whole body is a rectangular parallelepiped, which does not occupy a large area of processing space.

A real shot of the roasting machine in the factory
A Real Shot Of The Roasting Machine In The Factory

In addition, during the daily baking and use of coated peanuts. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of various bearings and components to ensure the stability of the machine during use.

Unique advantages of coated peanuts swing oven

  • It not only heats up quickly but also has strong insulation properties.
  • The unique cone-shaped device on the baking tray prevents peanuts from accumulating and changing shape.
  • With a temperature control system, accurate temperature adjustment can be carried out.
  • Heat evenly, and the color of roasted peanuts will not show partial carbonization.
  • The operation is simple, only one person can complete the roasting of coated peanuts.