Almond shelling machine Sold To France

Recently, a farmer in France ordered 5 almond shelling machines, and now the machines have been successfully put into production. We are happy to share with you the details of this collaboration and the details of the machine.

Current challenges faced by customers

The client operates a farm that not only grows almond trees but also processes fresh almonds into high-quality food ingredients for local and overseas pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and health food manufacturers.

The biggest challenge currently is how to significantly improve the shelling efficiency without compromising the integrity of the almonds. Manual shelling is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is difficult to meet the market demand for high-quality almonds in large quantities.

Shelling machine for almond
Shelling Machine For Almond

The best almond shelling machine solution

After extensive market research, Claude was attracted by the almond shelling machine we posted on our website. The working principle of this machine is based on a rotating roller crusher, which can precisely control the force and only break the hard shell of nuts without damaging the kernels. And uses a screen to achieve efficient separation of the shells and kernels. There are characteristics:

Packed almond sheller
Packed Almond Sheller
  • High efficiency and high integrity rate: what customers value most is its shelling efficiency and fruit integrity rate. This equipment can not only process a large number of almonds quickly but also ensures up to 98% almond integrity, which greatly enhances the market competitiveness of the product.
  • Easy to operate: considering the limited manpower on the farm, the operation of the almond shelling machine is extremely simple. Even non-professional technicians can get started quickly, which greatly saves labor costs.
  • Compact and portable: the farm space is limited, and the miniaturized design of the almond shelling machine means that it does not take up too much space and can even be easily integrated into the existing nut processing production line.
Almond sheller to be shipped
Almond Sheller To Be Shipped

Positive results and feedback

Since the introduction of the almond shelling machine, the farm’s almond processing capacity has been significantly improved, which not only shortened the cycle from picking to finished products but also improved product quality, attracting more high-end customers.

Claude was very satisfied with this. He said: “This is not only an equipment upgrade, but also a key step towards modernization and sustainable development of our farm.”