Almond special shelling machine

Almond special shelling machine is high efficiency and low energy consumption sheller equipment. Most almond manufacturers will choose this sheller for almond food processing in the early stage of processing. In addition, the sheller has the advantages of high husking efficiency and no damage to nuts.

Introduction to the almonds

Almond is a kind of contains extremely rich nutrients Rosaceae plants, has a hard shell. Almond nuts with a grooved surface, the shape of central vesica full, the skin is light brown. Mainly divided into two kinds of sweet almond and bitter apricot kernel, with sweet almond, is sweet, suitable for daily as a snack. And another kind of bitter almonds, general medicine for it. But because of its small toxicity, so can’t eat too much.


A sheller used especially for cracking almonds

For people who eat a small number of almonds in daily life, they can be shelled directly with a special nut clamp. Just place the almond at the edge of the knife and break the shell of the almond by the force of the hand on the handle.

Nut clamp
Nut Clamp

For manufacturers specializing in processing almond food, an almond special shelling machine is essential.

The special almond sheller can open the shell and screen at one time. Efficient production efficiency makes the almond shelling machine more convenient and fast.

In addition, the running noise of the machine is less. And the operation is simple, the operator put the shell of almonds into the feed mouth can be.

Nut shelling and cracking machine
Almond Shelling And Cracking Machine

The operation principle of the almond special shelling machine does not complicate: almond by machine inside the gaps between the two rollers, the shell will be crushed. Then fell to sieve net, at this time already has some almond completely separated from the shell. According to the gravity, these completely separated from the shell of almonds mixed with the rest of the shell and the kernel from two different discharging mouths carrying out.

What else can special almond shelling machine be used for

Since almond special shelling machine widely favored by the major manufacturers. Then this machine must have other advantages, that is, a wide range of applications. In addition to almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and so on these nuts can also be completely shelled with this sheller processing.

Shell and kernel separating machine
Shell And Kernel Separating Machine

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that customers use the sheller with the nutshell kernel separating machine. After the sheller processing, part of the shell of nuts will be broken. But the shell and nuts have not been completely separated.

Shell and kernel separating machines are mainly to complete the complete separation of shell and kernel. The combination of the two is the best equipment to shell nuts.