Easy way to shell almonds

Almonds have high nutritional and medicinal value, rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Almonds are also a type of nut that is common in everyday life and can be divided into two types: bitter almonds and sweet almonds. However, almonds also have a seamless husk, which is not an easy thing to shell.

How to shell almonds

Eat at home

The easiest way is to use pliers to open it, or to smash it with a small hammer, which is probably the most common way in our daily life.

The advent of nut tongs has made this traditional method more convenient.
But there’s a tricky side to this manual method of opening the shell. Nuts that are cracked tend to crumble with the shell, making them particularly inconvenient to eat.

Almond shelling
Almond Shelling

Processing methods of almond processing enterprises

Processing enterprises to deal with the huge amount of almonds, this time can not rely solely on human to complete the shelling of the shell.

Almond sheller is the best choice for most factories, with high sheller efficiency and high kernel rate, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.

Nut shelling and cracking machine
Nut Shelling And Cracking Machine

The operator pours the processed almonds into the feeding area, and the machine will open the shell of the almonds and expel them through the vibrating screen. The whole process is simple and quick.

Finally, the almond is further processed by a shell separator to completely separate the shell from the kernel.

Can an almond sheller process other nuts?

In fact, this machine can not only handle the husking of almonds, it can also handle hazelnuts, almonds, palm nuts, macadamia nuts and so on, so versatile, it is an essential part of the nut processing line.

Different kinds of nut
Different Kinds Of Nut