Walnut cracking machine | walnut shelling machine

A fully automatic walnut cracking machine is professional equipment for shelling the hard shell of walnuts. This machine is widely used in the production line of walnut processing, the rate of shelling is high. Whether you are a walnut grower or a processing manufacturer, this fully automatic walnut sheller is your ideal choice.

Why choose a walnut cracking machine?

Walnut sheller
Walnut Sheller
  • Suitable for a variety of walnuts, such as pecan nut, hazelnut
  • Compared with hand-operated sheller, walnut sheller is more efficient
  • It runs smoothly and takes up little space
  • Simple operation, no pollution
  • It is durable and easy to maintain
  • Manufacturers direct, inexpensive
  • We also have reliable pre – sale and after – sale guarantee

How dose the walnut cracking machine work?

Detail picture of the walnut cracking machine
Detail Picture Of The Walnut Cracker
  • First, the walnut sheller is composed of a stator and a rotor
  • The walnuts are crushed as they pass through the gap between the stator and rotor
  • The gap between the stator and rotor is adjustable and usually matches the size of the walnut
  • Therefore, it is recommended to carry out grading treatment before the walnut is cracked
  • After adjusting the gap according to the size of walnut, then batch processing

Walnut cracker’s parameter

Walnut cracking machine180KG300KG1.5KW(220V)1150*810*1320mm
Detailed parameters

Pictures of walnut shelling machine

Walnut cracking machine
Walnut Cracking Machine

This walnut shelling machine is one of the walnut processing lines, if you have any confusion or any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Work video of walnut shelling machine

Work video of the walnut cracker