Cashew nut shelling machine

The cashew nut shelling machine is a kind of automatic equipment which is specially used to shuck the hard cashew shell. Compared with the traditional manual and manual equipment, the working efficiency of the automatic cashew nut cracking machine is higher, and the breakage rate of nuts is lower than that of manual sheller. Greatly improved the processing efficiency of cashew nuts.

The features of cashew nut shelling machine

  • Fully automated and easy to operate
  • High rate of shell opening and low rate of damage
  • The blade height can be adjusted
  • Stable performance and easy maintenance
  • Greatly save manpower and material resources, reduce unnecessary trouble
cashew nut shelling machine
Cashew nut sheller

Structure and working flow of automatic cashew nut sheller

Cashew nut sheller mainly composed of transmission unit, feeding unit, pushing unit and cutting unit.

  1. First, put the cashews into the feeding unit.
  2. Cashew nuts fall into the hole, into the little funnel, and fall onto the guide rail.
  3. Then, under the action of the push plate and the lever, the cashew nuts enter the gap between the upper and lower blades.
  4. Finally, cut the shell under the action of the blade to achieve the effect of peeling.
cashew nut shelling machine's detail picture
Detail picture

Matters needing attention when use the cashew nut sheller

  • Recommend to grade the cashews (at least 3 grades) before shelling the cashews for better results.
  • Depending on the actual case cracking, you can adjust the blade clearance appropriately.
  • Before running the cashew nut cracking machine, check whether all parts of the machine are loose.
  • Check the circuit in advance to avoid problems during the operation of the cashew nut sheller.

Model and parameters of automatic cashew nut shelling machine

OutputNumber of nuts/timeSizeTotal weightMotorVoltageShelling rateFragmentation rate
Model and parameter

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cashew nut shelling machine
Cashew nut shelling machine

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