Nuts Grading Machine

A nut grader is a machine used to sift through nuts and give them grades of different sizes. After grading the nuts through the nut grader, the nuts at each level are of uniform size, providing convenience for subsequent processing. Nuts grading machines can not only give nuts grading, maidenhair fruit, red dates, and other granular products.

Working Principle of Nuts Grading Machine

The nuts grader utilizes the vibration of the vibrating screen to separate nuts of different sizes and shapes. The nuts enter the vibrating screen from the hopper, and under the excitation of the vibrator, the nuts vibrate on the screen mesh. Under the vibration of the vibrator, the nuts vibrate on the screen mesh.

Since nuts of different sizes and shapes pass through holes of various sizes, they can be separated. The graded nuts are easy to store and convenient for processing.


Maintenance and Care of the Nuts Grading Machine

The transmission parts of the machine should be checked whether they are normal or not before starting the machine.

The middle of each bearing of the machine needs to be lubricated frequently.

The rubber part is easily fatigued state, pay attention to replacing it regularly.

Application of Nuts Grading Machine

Classifiers are usually used to classify cleaned materials to improve the classification effect. Classifiers can also be used to classify processed materials to improve processing efficiency and product quality.

Classifiers are also often used to classify materials before packaging to ensure the consistency of packaging materials. Therefore, we can always see the grading machine in various production lines.

Classifiers are used in the food processing, mining, and chemical industries.


Different Types of Nuts Grading Machines

Taizy produces three main types of classifiers.

The 2-stage classifiers are mainly used for rough screening of grain, ore, and coal.

Class 3 classifiers are more widely used for general food, pharmaceuticals, and fine grading of chemical raw materials.

Class 5 classifier can be used for ultra-fine grading of materials, the most used is for electronic components and semiconductor materials grading.

Customers can purchase or customize different types of classifiers according to their actual classification needs.

Nuts Grading Machine Parameters

ItemSecondary sieveThree-stage sieveFive-stage sieve
Nuts Grading Machine Parameters