Macadamia Nut Processing Line

The macadamia nut processing line is a machine used to separate macadamia nuts from their shells and kernels. It is divided into several steps: grading of the fruit, squeezing of the fruit, separation of the shells from the kernels, and re-grading.

Due to the macadamia nut shell being relatively hard, open shell has become a major problem for people, coupled with the current fast-paced society, and high pressure, people think nutrition is more important, so buying shelled macadamia nuts has become the trend of today’s society.

Macadamia’s production line adopts scientific processes, which can ensure the quality of the product at the same time improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


Graders and Extruders

Large and small macadamia nuts will pass through screens of different apertures, divided into four parts of uniform size after the machine squeezes the nuts to squeeze the shells.

Squeezing the strength of the moderate, not only does not damage the kernel but also lets the shell break, convenient for the subsequent separation of the shell kernel.

Power 2.2kw
Voltage380v 50hz
grading machine parameters

Nut and Shell Separating Machine

The machine separates by means of gravity settling, taking advantage of the difference in density between macadamia nut shells and kernels. It quickly separates the shells from the kernels and efficiently removes the kernels from the shells.

Taizy’s macadamia production line is equipped with two separating machines, and after two separations, the efficiency can be almost 100 percent.

Power 3kw
Voltage380v 50hz
Weight 280kg
single separator parameters

Kernel Colour Sorting Machine

The separated macadamia nuts pass through a color sorter, through the irradiation of white light, the camera system images the nuts, the image processing system processes the image and extracts the color information of the nuts, and the sorting control system controls the sorting device such as airflow or vibration according to the color information of the nuts, separating the nuts with abnormal colors, and the rest of the nuts enter into the next grading stage.


Features of Macadamia Nut Production Line

The macadamia production line adopts advanced automation technology, which can realize the automatic operation of macadamia nuts and improve production efficiency and product quality.

The synergy of each machinery not only reduces the pollution to the environment but also saves time and cost to the maximum.

After the steps of grading and separating, it achieves high quality and large output, which can meet the market demand.

Wide Market for Macadamia Nuts

After shelling, macadamia nuts can be processed into different flavored snacks. With the increasing demand for healthy living, the global macadamia nut snacks market size is also showing rapid growth. According to Statista data, the global macadamia nut snacks market size was $25 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $32 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 7.2%. If you have subsequent packaging requirements, our company also has technically mature packaging machines, please contact us.

Can the number of machines and grading equipment be customized according to requirements?

Yes, Taizy Machine Works supports customization to ensure your needs are met.

How much does the macadamia line cost?

Taizy’s macadamia nut production line equipment is factory direct sale, we will give you the best price and the best after-sales service according to the model of machinery you need.