Hot air circulating drying oven for cashew

Hot air circulating drying oven is a kind of drying equipment. It can be used for drying different kinds of materials, such as common Chinese medicine, fruit, nuts and so on. In addition, this kind of equipment is also very intelligent, with constant temperature effect, the drying effect of materials is very ideal.

Application of hot air circulating drying oven

This machine can be used in the processing line of cashew nuts. After grading cashews, a dryer is used. Since the kernels of freshly picked cashews are tightly attached to the husks, it is inefficient to open the cashews at this time.

Hot air circulating oven
Hot Air Circulaing Drying Oven

The purpose of the drying machine is to drying cashew nuts, according to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, so that the nuts naturally separated from the shell, more convenient for the next cashew shell opening and separaing.

Features of the dryer

  • Using electric heating, high thermal efficiency, greatly save energy consumption
  • The inner and outer walls of the oven are made of 304 stainless steel plates with guaranteed quality
  • The drying box is equipped with a trolley, and the wheel is a universal wheel of high temperature resistance
Trolley of the hot air circulation oven

Technical parameters of hot air drying circulating oven

Boundary dimensionFan powerUpper and lower temperaturesTemperature inside the ovenThe tray number
CT-C-0(single door)980*970*2200mm0.45kw*1±5℃Indoor temperature~120℃12
CT-C-0(double doors)1500*1200*2200mm0.45kw*1±5℃Indoor temperature~120℃24
CT-C-I2350*1200*2200mm0.45kw*1±5℃Indoor temperature~120℃48
CT-C-II2430*2200*2200mm0.55kw*2±5℃Indoor temperature~120℃96
CT-C-III3310*2200*2200mm0.55kw*3±5℃Indoor temperature~120℃144

Precautions for using the machine

  1. The equipment should pay attention to the level of the ground during installation
  2. The first use must pay attention to the fan steering is correct
  3. The dryer should avoid contact with flammable and explosive materials
  4. Check the sealing strip of oven regularly and replace it in time


What is the material of the machine?

The dryer is made of 304 stainless steel, high quality, more durable.

What is the drying temperature?

Generally about 45 degrees. The machine is also equipped with a control table, the operator can adjust the drying temperature according to the water content of the raw material.

How long is the drying time?

Normally, it needs to be dried for 8 hours.
Of course, you can also adjust the drying time according to the actual situation and needs.

How thick should the slices be if they are used to dry the fruit?

Suggest 3 ~ 5 mm.