Types of hot air circulation drying oven

Hot air circulation drying oven is a special equipment for drying materials, which can be used to dry a wide range of materials. In fact, for different handling capacity and material drying, hot air circulation drying oven has a variety of types to choose from.

Single door single cart

The single-door oven is the smallest of all models.
Its external dimension is 980*970*2200mm, and its internal dimension is 500*645*1450mm.
There are 12 pallets, the size of which is 640*460*45mm.
The total weight is about 600kg.
This model of hot air circulation oven is suitable for personal small processing manufacturers, such as steamed bun shops, etc.
In addition, it covers a small area and can meet the basic cooking requirements.

Single door two carts

This type of oven is most widely used.
The external size is 1500*1200*2200mm, and the internal size is 760*1000*1460mm.
There are 24 pallets in size 640*460*45mm.
Meanwhile, the inner and outer walls are made of all stainless steel plates and are provided with material warranty.

Hot air cieculation drying oven
Hot Air Circulation Drying Oven

Two doors two carts

The external size of the hot air circulation oven with double doors is 2350*1200*2200mm, and the internal size is 1670*1000*1450mm.
It has 48 pallets and 2 carts.
The total weight is about 1200kg.
In addition, compared with a single-door bicycle, the oven is doubled in shape and capacity. But the fan power is the same, 0.45kW.

Two doors four carts

The external size is 2430*2200*2200mm, and the internal size is 1700*1980*1440mm.
There are 96 pallets and 4 carts.
The maximum amount of drying can reach 240kg each time. At the same time, two low-noise axial flow fans are adopted for the hot air circulation of the oven body. Which ensures the drying amount and high drying efficiency of materials.

Three doors six carts

The external size is 3310*2200*2200mm.
There are 144 pallets and six carts.
Each drying amount can reach 360kg.
The air inlet equipped with 3 HEPA filters and the air outlet with 2 HEPA filters. When the temperature rises to 60~80℃ in the oven, the humidity can be automatically drained. Of course, the humidity can also be set in advance or manually drained.

Three doors
Three Doors

Four doors eight carts

The external size is 4300*2200*2200mm.
There are 192 pallets and 8 carts.
The maximum drying amount per time is 480kg.
This kind of large drying machine is more common in large food processing plants. Because of its uniform drying and high efficiency. It is widely favored by manufacturers.