Types of food drying machine for nut/fruit/vegetable

Among various food types, dehydrated foods are relatively common, such as dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables. Many nuts also need to be dried in the process of processing. So dryers also play an important role in the processing of these foods, so what are the specific types of food drying machines?

The function of the food drying machine and the introduction of drying raw materials

Food dryers are common in the food processing industry. The most common products in daily life are chrysanthemum tea, raisins, dried mango, and many other products.

Food drying machine is mostly through the use of pure hot air, acting on the surface of materials to achieve the drying effect of materials.

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Drying raw materials can be Chinese herbs, dried fruits, vegetables, such as flake, block, strip, and granulated materials.

  • Chinese herbs include honeysuckle, golden lotus, Codonopsis, ginseng, etc.
  • Nuts and fruits include almonds, walnuts, peanuts, dates, strawberries, and so on.
  • Vegetables include eggplant, red pepper, prickly ash, fungus, mushroom, papaya, etc.

Types of food dryers

The most common are two main types of dryers, namely box dryer and mesh belt dryer.

Box dryer

The box-type food dryer mainly adopts the drying principle of hot air circulation. By spreading the material evenly on the multi-layer tray and pushing the cart into the drying box.

Box-type food dryer
Box-Type Food Dryer

After the machine started, the circulating fan and the dehumidifying fan begin to operate. Under the action of the fan, the hot air will form circulating air in the box body. And the hot air will flow through the materials and circulate continuously.

Finally, part of the heat energy will be absorbed by the material to achieve the purpose of drying, while the rest of the water vapor will be formed and discharged through the dehumidifier.

Mesh belt dryer

Mesh belt food dryer is mainly composed of feeding conveyor belt, heat fan, multi-layer net belt, dehumidification fan. The inner wall of the body is stainless steel insulation layer, which can effectively improve the thermal efficiency.

Mesh belt dryer
Mesh Belt Dryer

This kind of dryer mainly drives the material to move back and forth in the body through the transmission device, and the hot air acts on the material through the mesh belt, thus playing the drying role. The resulting water vapor is then vented through a dehumidifier.

How to choose a food drying machine

The above two kinds of dryers are very good for the drying effect of materials, but how should the customer specifically choose the right food dryers?

Fruits and vegetables dried by a food dryer
Fruits And Vegetables Dried By A Food Dryer

First of all, box dryers are available in a variety of models, including single door and double door, and the number of internal carts and pallets is also available in different specifications. Therefore, for food manufacturers of different processing scale, it is possible to find a dryer that meets the actual production volume. Of course, we can also provide customized services if customers have specific production needs.

Secondly, net belt dryer compared with box dryer, the overall scale is larger, single can handle more materials. Ideal for food processing in large factories.

Therefore, the choice of food dryer is still according to the customer’s actual production scale and the material that needs to handle.