Full automatic industrial food drying machine/dryer

Automatic industrial food dryer is a common machine in the food processing industry, which can dehydrate and dry food. The dryer widely used in various nut, fruit, and vegetable processing lines due to its efficient drying ability.

Common foods that need to be dehydrated and dried

Dried food
Dried Food
  • Fruits: walnut, almond, peanut, strawberry, mango, etc
  • Vegetables: cucumber slices, peppers, mushrooms, agaric, garlic slices, etc
  • Produce: sweet potato chips, pumpkins, etc
  • Flower medicinal materials: honeysuckle, rose, chrysanthemum, etc
  • Pharmaceutical products: granule, tablet, powder, etc

Types of industrial food dryer

Under normal circumstances, a food dryer is the use of hot air airflow to dry the material. The more common are hot air circulation dryer and mesh belt dryer. In addition, these two kinds of dryers in the food processing manufacturers are the most widely used.

Hot air circulating drying oven
Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven

The oven also divided into upper and lower circulating air and left and right circulating air. Customers can choose according to the materials to be processed.

Mesh belt dryer
Mesh belt dryer

Mesh belt dryer is a batch of continuous drying equipment, can also dry a large number of materials at one time, very suitable for large food processors.

The product advantage of automatic industrial food dryer

Dried hawthorn slices have even color
Dried Hawthorn Slices Have Even Color
  • Hot air in the dryer for closed circulation flow mode, high thermal efficiency, can also effectively save energy.
  • The machine adopts the working mode of continuous circulation so that the temperature inside the box is balance and the temperature difference is small.
  • High drying capacity, high drying speed, high thermal efficiency, the good color of finished materials.
  • Drying time, temperature, and humidity can be set and controlled. When the dryer reaches the required temperature and humidity, it will automatically stop. It is fully automatic without manual operation and intelligent control.
  • The drying effect is good, can not only ensure that the dried Chinese medicinal materials, fruits, vegetables, and other high quality, not broken, good color, good rehydration, and will not destroy the nutrient elements in the raw materials.
  • The machine has low noise, stable operation, low operating cost, and can also be used for mass continuous production.
  • Has the combustion matter and the emission, is one kind of sustainable development environmental protection product.
  • The use of electric heating and air energy heat pump, cost-saving, only need to consume a small amount of electricity, can also absorb a lot of heat in the air, compared with electricity, coal, oil, gas water heater, can save operating costs.
  • Long service life, low maintenance cost, mature technology, stable performance.
  • A wide range of applications, not affected by the climate. Can also widely use in fruits and vegetables, food, medicine, and other industries heating drying operations.