Nut shell and kernel separating machine

Nut shell and kernel separating machine is a machine for separating the nuts from the shell of a nut. It can be used to screen macadamia nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, chestnuts and other nuts after shelled, mainly to process nuts whose shells and kernels are not completely separated, so as to achieve the state of complete separation of kernels.

The composition of the shell and kernel separator

The main structure includes a frame, hopper, vibrating screen, fan and so on.
The whole machine structure is relatively simple, so it is also very convenient to maintain, just need to check whether there are attachments on the screen in time before and after use, and clean it.

Detail picture of the separator
Detail Picture Of The Separator

Main features of nut shell and kernel separating machine

  • Small noise, no pollution environmental protection machine
  • Can completely separate the shell and nuts, the separation rate can reach more than 98%
  • It is easy to operate, only manual feeding, the machine starts to run, then the separation of shell kernel can be realized
  • It is usually used for the thorough separation of nuts from their shells after they have been shelled
  • The damage rate to nuts is very small, which ensures the whole kernel rate
Shell and kernel separating machine
Picture Of The Real Object

Working principle

Nut shell and kernel separator mainly uses the specific gravity and suspension velocity difference between nut shell and kernel, and realizes the separation of nut shell and kernel with the help of the upward airflow.

At the same time, under the action of a vibrating screen, the outer shell is discharged from the lower end, while the nuts are discharged from the other end.

Application of shell kernel separator


This shell and kernel separator is suitable for the processing of a variety of nut products, such as common peanuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

Nuts can be processed individually or in various nut processing production lines.


parameters of the separator