What is an almond sheller?

Almond sheller is a kind of equipment used to break the hard shell of almond. Besides almond, it can also handle similar nuts such as hazelnut, so it has a wide range of applications. In addition, the shelling machine also has the advantages of smooth operation, low noise, high separation efficiency of shell kernel.

Introduction of almond sheller

Almond sheller is essential equipment in all almond food processing production lines. And we mainly introduce the smallest model of all almond sheller types. The shelling machine mainly consists of two parts: an almond crushing device and a shell kernel separating device.

Shell and kernel different outlet
Shell And Kernel Different Outlet

The almonds go through a crushing mechanism. Then the outer hard shell cracks and the almonds fall out of the shell. However, part of the almond is still attached to the shell, and the shell is mixed with the almond, so the next separation operation is required.

The separation device is mainly based on the gravity action of the shell and kernel to carry out the screening. Under the vibration action of the vibrating screen, the final shell and kernel of the almond will be discharged from the two outlets.

The important role of almond sheller

Shelling machine
Shelling Machine For Almond

Foods made from almonds are very common in daily life. Such as almond powder, almond slice coating on cake-cream, marzipan, etc.

And the first prerequisite for making all foods is almond shucking. This is arguably the first step in all almond food processing, so the almond shelling machine is indispensable for a food manufacturer.

Precautions during operation

  • Almond sheller mainly according to the gap between the rollers to the almond shell processing. So before the formal production and use of the machine, to properly adjust the gap. And first put in a number of almonds for the breaking experiment, to test whether the gap between the rollers is appropriate.
  • All machines need periodic maintenance and overhaul to have a longer service life, almond sheller is no exception. So in the daily use of the sheller, there should be specialized personnel for equipment maintenance.
  • Lubricate transmission parts, chains, and bearings regularly.
Almond shellingmachine
Almond Shelling Machine