Almond Cracking and Shelling Machine | Hulled Almond Processing Line

The almond cracking and shelling machine is a production line that can remove almond shells. It includes three main steps: almond grading, almond shelling, and kernel shell separation. Of course, the almond shelling production line can not only peel almond shells but also process Hazelnut, almond wood, chestnut, and other nuts. It can be widely used in the preliminary processing of nut processing plants and the deep processing of almond food.

Production steps of almond cracking and shelling machine

The raw material for almond processing is shelled almonds, which can be divided into different grades of almonds through the processing of the almond production line. The production process is to first grade the almonds, then peel the almond sheller, and finally separate the shells. This completes the preliminary processing of almonds. If you want to use pastry ingredients, you may use an almond slicer. So customers can purchase machines according to production needs

Almond grading machine

Almond grading machine
Almond Grading Machine

Almond grading machines can divide almonds into different grades according to size. Why do we grade almonds? First of all, because it is beneficial to the separation of guests in the later processing process, and the effect will be better in the process of opening the shell. On the other hand, because almonds are divided into different grades, it is beneficial to sell at higher prices in the sales process.

Almond sheller

Almond sheller
Almond Sheller

An almond sheller is a machine that can open the shell of almonds. Put the shelled almonds directly into the machine. After the machine is processed, the almonds will crack. The machine uses two rollers in the machine to simultaneously squeeze the hard almonds. The shell, the almond will separate the shell and kernel, but the shell and kernel of the almond are still mixed together. The machine has a sieving net, which can simply sieve the almonds, and select a small number of almonds whose shells have not been completely broken, and can be processed again. The completion rate of almond peeling is guaranteed.

 Features of hulled almond processing line

1. The shelling is clean, and the shelling rate is as high as 95%-98%.

2. Almonds have good integrity and a low loss rate

3. There are handles on both sides of the machine for adjustment so that it can handle almonds of different specifications and sizes

4. The equipment runs smoothly with low noise

Model: WD-400
Voltage: 380V (220V for household electricity is acceptable)
Power: 2.2KW
Weight: 220KG
Size: (m)
Output: 400kg/h-500kg/h

Shell kernel separator

Shell kernel separator
Shell Kernel Separator

The shell and kernel separator is to separate the shell and kernel of the almonds processed by the shelling machine, which can achieve complete separation of the shell and kernel. The shell and kernel separator uses the principle of specific gravity. The specific gravity of the peeled almond and the shell is different. Through the inaudible shaking of the separator to achieve the separation of the shell and kernel, the machine will automatically separate the shell and kernel, there are two different outlets, and then the almonds can be directly sold or further processed. This is also the reason why a classifier was used in the previous processing. Almonds of the same grade can also be processed more cleanly during the sieving process.

model: WD-500

Almond cracking and shelling machine
Almond Cracking And Shelling Machine

Video of almond cracking and shelling machine

Almond Cracking


1. What kind of nuts can be processed besides almonds

A: can also peel hazelnuts, almonds, Argentine nuts, etc.

2. What is the peeling rate of the machine

A: The peeling rate of the machine is between 90%-98%

3. What is the output of the machine

A: The peeling machine is about 400kg/h