Semi-automatic peanut butter production line

The peanut butter production line is a complete semi-automated production line, from the shell of the peanut to the final packaging is included. In fact, the production of peanut butter involves three main steps: roasting, peeling, and grinding. Other stand-alone machines in the peanut butter production line can also be customized according to the actual processing needs of customers.

The advantages of a semi-automatic peanut butter production line

Peanut butter
Peanut Butter
  1. All parts directly in contact with peanuts made of food-grade high-quality materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of peanut butter;
  2. The whole peanut butter production line can customize according to the actual processing site and processing output of customers;
  3. Every single machine is flexible, and a complete peanut butter processing line often formed through the connection of the conveyor belt;
  4. Excellent quality, reasonable price, so it is the best choice for peanut butter production.
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The composition of a peanut butter production line

The semi-automated peanut butter production line consists of the following seven machines.

Peanut shelling machine

Peanut shelling machine

The peanut sheller is mainly to remove the outermost hard shell of peanuts, and the efficiency of the peanut shelling machine is very high. After putting the peanuts into the machine, turned on the power, the shell of the peanuts will be quickly opened. Then the shell and peanut kernel will screen separately and be discharged from different discharge mouths. At the same time, the peanut sheller also has the advantages of high processing efficiency and no damage to nuts.

Peanut roasting machine scaled

Peanut roaster

A roasting machine is an essential machine in the peanut butter production line. There are many heating methods, including electric heating, gas heating, and so on. The operation principle of the peanut roaster is mainly to achieve uniform heating of materials through the rotation of the drum. The operator can also set the heating temperature in advance. After preheating, the peanut after removing the shell can be poured into the cylinder body for roasting.

Peanut peeling machine scaled

Peeling machine

We usually use the dry peeling process to make peanut butter. The peanut peeling machine mainly uses the friction of the emery roller to remove the red seed coat of the peanut. Its peeling rate can reach 98% above at the same time.

Peanut butter grinding machine scaled

Peanut butter grinding machine

Under normal circumstances, the fineness of peanut butter ground by the grinding machine is 100-150 mesh. Which can also adjust according to the actual processing conditions. According to a lot of processing experiments, peanut butter grinding at 80-85℃ has the best taste.

Peanut butter agitation tank and vacuum degassing tank scaled

Peanut butter agitation tank

The main purpose of the jar is to prevent the peanut butter from solidifying. But it can also use as a seasoning process. After the peanut butter is ground by the milling machine and transported to the agitation tank, can add salt or sugar to flavor the peanut butter. And an appropriate amount of stabilizer can be added to extend the shelf life of the peanut butter.

Vacuum degassing tank

After the previous step of mixing, peanut butter will form a certain amount of bubbles, so the degassing tank is needed to degassing. If the peanut butter contains too many bubbles, it will not be good for later storage of peanut butter.

Peanut butter filling machine scaled

Peanut butter filling machine

Once the peanut butter is prepared, it is ready to be packaged. Normally, peanut butter is packaged by a filling machine. The filling machine adopts the pneumatic principle to realize the filling process, the filling amount can be adjusted. And the filling accuracy is generally between ±1-2%.

Routine maintenance and precautions of semi-automatic peanut butter production line

The operator should pay attention to the daily cleaning of the machine. Especially the machine that is in direct contact with peanut butter should be cleaned in time to avoid the residue of peanut butter and breeding bacteria.

In addition, before each machine in the production line is put into use formally. It must be advanced to run in an idle way to see if there is any abnormal phenomenon. So as not to appear problems in the formal use.

Visit the peanut processing machine factory with customers
Visit The Peanut Processing Machine Factory With Customers