How much time does it take to roast peanuts?

Roasting peanuts gives them a better flavor and taste, and most of the peanuts on the market today are roasted. So, if we use special roasting equipment to roast peanuts, how long is the best time to roast?

The equipment used to roast peanuts

If it is daily peanut roasting at home, it can be completed directly with the oven. The peanuts need to be evenly spread on the tray of the oven so that the peanuts can be heated evenly.

Peanut roasting machine
Peanut Roasting Machine

If it is a professional peanut food processing plant that needs to roast peanuts. The ordinary household oven can not be completed, but it needs to use a professional peanut roasting machine or dryer. This peanut roasting machine can be used for roasting all kinds of nut products. With high heating efficiency and uniform roasting characteristics.

How long to roast peanuts

Under normal circumstances, roasted peanuts have two types of roasting. One is roasted peanuts in the shell, and the other is roasted peanut kernels. According to different roasting materials, the required roasting time is also different.

Roasted peanut in shell

First, the peanuts need to be cleaned and removed to remove the dirt and other impurities on the peanuts. Then pour the shelled peanuts into the roasting machine. After the power is turned on, the heating device of the baking machine will quickly heat up, and then the peanuts will move with the rotation of the drum in the roasting machine to achieve the effect of uniform heating. The specific heating temperature can be set to 200°C, and the heating time is 15-20 minutes.

Peanut in shell
Peanut In Shell

Roasted peanut kernels

Since the shell of the peanut kernel has been removed, compared with the shelled peanut, both the heating temperature and the heating time will be appropriately reduced. At this time, the baking equipment we can use is professional food drying equipment, which can achieve the purpose of drying peanuts through the circulation of hot air without any damage to the peanut kernels.

Peanut kernels
Peanut Kernels

The operation method is to put the peanut kernels in the tray of the oven, and after all the peanut kernels are evenly spread, send the cart with the tray to the oven and start the master control switch. The specific heating temperature is 180°C, and the heating time is about 10-15 minutes.