High-efficiency electric nut roaster for peanut

Electric nut roaster is a kind of baking equipment that indirectly transfers heat to materials through electric heating. The machine composed of a roller and a heating device, which can make the baked materials heated evenly and greatly improve the baking efficiency of materials.

Why are peanuts roasted

Roasting can make the oil in the nut products cooked and give out a unique flavor. And peanuts, as a kind of nuts, there are high nutrition and oil content. Although the roasted peanut is different from its original fresh flavor, it is more popular and more widely used. Generally speaking, peanut roasting has two main uses:

Eat it straight away


Directly put raw peanuts with shells into the electric nut roaster for heating and baking. Set the appropriate time and temperature, and the roasted peanuts will taste more crispy. This kind of peanuts can be sold directly, which is the most common use of electric roaster.

Pre-treatment of peanut food production

In addition to the above direct way of eating peanuts, in our daily life, there are many other forms of existence. Peanuts can be fried, boiled, wrapped, or processed in a variety of ways, most of the consumers like the finished product.

Different kinds of coating peanuts
Different kinds of wrapped peanuts

But in these processing processes, many steps need to bake peanuts. So an electric peanut roaster is also widely used in a variety of peanut food processing lines.

Features of electric nut roaster

Factory photo
Nut Roaster
  • Using electric heating, energy-saving, and emission reduction, so it is no pollution to the environment.
  • The heating efficiency is high, and the heat of the cylinder also rises quickly after electrification.
  • The unique insulation layer used to maximize the utilization of heat energy.
  • This roasting machine is made of 201 stainless steel. Which greatly improves the service life of the machine.

Specification for electric nut roasters

The inside of the electric peanut roaster is a roller. Generally speaking, the working efficiency of each roller is 100kg/h. If the customer’s roasting capacity is large, can combine according to the actual processing capacity of a plurality of rollers together, roasting efficiency will be doubled accordingly; In addition, if the customer’s processing quantity is relatively small, we can also customize the nut roaster of 50kg/h.

Nut roasting machine
Multi-Cylinder Roasters

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