What is the difference between electromagnetic roaster and electric heating roaster?

Electromagnetic roaster and electric heating roaster are two relatively common roasting machines. As can be seen from the name, the heating methods of the two machines are different. Compared with the traditional electric heating roasting machine, an electromagnetic roasting machine has electromagnetic induction heating and a unique intelligent temperature control system, which makes roasting more convenient.

The working principle of the electric heating roaster

Electric heating is a method of heating by which the heat is release after the current passes through the electric heating body. In principle, it belongs to resistance heating.

Normally, the surface of the drum of this type of roasting machine covered with resistance wire. After the machine energized, the temperature of the resistance wire will gradually increase. So as to achieve the heating effect of materials in the drum.

Automatic roasting machine
Electric Heating

The working principle of the electromagnetic roaster

The electromagnetic roaster is produced through the electronic circuit board component of the alternating magnetic field. When there is a container containing iron matter that appeared in a magnetic field, the surface of the container gathered for cutting the alternating magnetic field lines. And then alternating current in the metal part of the container, also known as eddy current.

Eddy current to make container rules of iron atoms to form a high-speed movement. Then the mutual collision and friction between atoms to generate heat, to achieve the effect of heating materials.

Electromagnetic roaster
Eletromagnetic Roaster

The contrast between the two roaster

According to the working principle of the above two machines, the biggest difference between them is the different heating mode. So, are there differences in other ways?

Thermal efficiency

The electric heating roaster is the most primitive heating method, so the thermal efficiency is also the lowest. Generally, the thermal efficiency is about 70%. And a large amount of the remaining heat energy will be distributed into the air.

The drum of the electromagnetic roaster is wrapped with thermal insulation cotton. And then the magnetic field penetrates the thermal insulation cotton and directly heats the drum itself. So the heat energy will hardly lose, and the general thermal efficiency will be above 95%.

More importantly, electromagnetic heating is the heat emitted by the heated object itself. So the heat will not lose in the process of heat transfer.

Energy conservation

After a series of studies, it is showing that under the same conditions. Electromagnetic heating can save about 30% to 70% more energy than electric heating.