Peanut butter filling machine

Peanut butter is an ideal nutrient food with high protein and fat. The peanut butter filling machine is the final step in a series of steps from peanut to peanut butter: that is packaging the resulting peanut butter. It directly determines the consumer’s first impression of peanut butter when it enters the market.

Peanut butter filling machine introduction

Peanut butter becomes more and more popular among consumers. The production of peanut butter, which is full of business opportunities, is also attracting attention.

Pictures of machine details
Pictures Of Machine Details

Peanut butter filling machine is an automatic quantitative packaging machine. It can also automatically control filling and weighing, the application is very broad. The machine is mainly through the control of the piston rod cycle reciprocating motion, to achieve the purpose of measurement.

Peanut butter filling machine is widely used

This filling machine is suitable for packing pasty or granular lumpy sticky materials. In addition to peanut butter, it can also pack ketchup, sesame paste, and other sauces.

Packaged strawberry jam
Packaged Strawberry Jam

Of course, this kind of filling machine is suitable for the chemical industry at the same time. Also can be widely used in food, chemical industry, seasoning, and other industries.

Peanut butter filling machine features

  • This machine adopts piston control, intelligent quantitative filling system can adjust and control the filling volume and speed with high precision.
  • The filling machine has low noise, low energy consumption, and no pollution to the environment.
  • The parts in contact with peanut butter are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is safe and conforms to GMP requirements.
  • At the same time, the machine can change filling nozzles according to different materials. It is also suitable for a wide range of fields and can pack granular slurry materials except for peanut butter.
  • It is also equipped with a blender to prevent the peanut butter from solidifying to ensure that the peanut butter is fully mixed.
  • Can adapt to different material filling the bottle, has high practicability.
  • Peanut butter filling machine structure is not complex, safe, and reliable, and easy to maintain and overhaul.
  • Available in a variety of models, suitable for all types of peanut butter production lines.
Filling machine
Filling Machine

Services that we can provide

Pre-sales: we will provide customers with a detailed machine performance introduction, running test, quotation, and other detailed information. More convenient for customers to understand the machine information.

For sale: we will continue to provide customers with the whole process of machine assembly, commissioning, packaging, and transportation.

When the customer receives the peanut butter filling machine, we will provide a detailed video installation and instruction manual. If there is any problem with the installation process, we will arrange for professional technicians to help.

At the same time, we also provide machine installation and maintenance training services.

After-sales: we will provide a proper amount of vulnerable parts. In the later use of the machine, if there are any problems, we will also provide timely technical support services, please rest assured to buy.